The Army Announces New Enlistment Bonuses

Army now offering more than $50,000 in incentives for 2-year enlistment, raising maximum bonus for 3-year enlistment to $25,000

The U.S. Army Recruiting Command has introduced new enlistment incentives -- up to $51,864 -- for a two-year enlistment in more than 45 active Army military occupational specialties. In addition, the maximum combined enlistment bonus for a three-year enlistment was raised to $25,000 for all military occupational specialties.

Two-year enlistments

Qualified recruits who enlist for two years plus training are eligible for an enlistment bonus of up to $15,000, which can be combined with the Montgomery GI Bill and Army College Fund of $36,864. These incentives are available to qualified recruits who enlist in one of more than 45 job specialties, including fire support specialist (13F), signal support systems specialist (25U), petroleum supply specialist (92F), pharmacy specialist (68Q) and health care specialist (68W).

Three-year enlistments

The Army also raised the maximum combined bonus for three-year enlistments to $25,000 for all military specialties. Previously, the maximum amount for a three-year enlistment was $10,000, and $20,000 for a limited number of priority MOSs.

Payment of bonuses for which recruits qualify will begin once they have completed basic combat and advanced individual training. To learn more about Army opportunities, visit your local Army recruiter. Click here for assistance with locating the nearest Army recruiter.

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