• Movie Review: ‘Fury’

    "Fury" presents a no-holds-barred portrait of war, of what it meant to be handed responsibility far beyond your rank and age.
    brad pitt fury
  • New Film Tells Holocaust Story of Polanski Ally

    Producer Gene Gutowski and director Roman Polanski were both Holocaust survivors from Poland who suffered through unspeakable tragedies.
    gene gutowski wwii
  • Movie Review: ‘Birdman’

    "Birdman" seems a film that deserves a second viewing, not only to admire the work of the actors, but to delve into its many layers.
    michael keaton birdman 2
  • For Rogen, Hilarity Charity is Serious Business

    Seth Rogen let out a loud laugh when asked what he had done with Kim Jong Un, who suddenly and inexplicably dropped out of sight about six weeks ago.
    the interview franco rogen
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Box Office Results: 10/17-10/19

  1. Fury - $23.7M
  2. Gone Girl - $17.5M
  3. The Book of Life - $17M
  4. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - $11.5M
  5. The Best of Me - $10M
  6. Dracula Untold - $10M
  7. The Judge - $7.9M
  8. Annabelle - $7.9M
  9. The Equalizer - $5.4M
  10. The Maze Runner - $4.4

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Q&A: Morris on Rumsfeld Doc, 'It's a Horror Movie'

errol morris donald rumsfeld unknown known

NEW YORK (AP) — Errol Morris spent more than 30 hours interviewing Donald Rumsfeld . He sifted through thousands of memos — "snowflakes," Rumsfeld called them — from the former secretary of defense and architect of the Iraq war. Yet at the conclusion of so much investigation into the mind of Rumsfeld, Morris says he's left with nothing but the grin of a Cheshire Cat . Morris calls his latest, thickly ironic documentary, "The Known Unknown," a "fable" about a man stuck "in some Looney Tunes world of his own devising." "The Known Unknown," which opens in theaters Friday, is in ... more

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