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News Archives for 2014

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  • denzel washington antoine fuqua
    Washington and Fuqua Ride Again in 'The Equalizer'
    In a very loose adaptation of the 1980s private eye TV series, Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua have finally reteamed.
  • this is where i leave you movie
    Movie Review: ‘This is Where I Leave You’
    Scenes of over-obvious mayhem — or ultra-thick sappiness — ultimately hurt an appealing film.
  • maze runner movie
    Movie Review: ‘The Maze Runner’
    There's a pleasantly low-fi, bare-bones kind of storytelling here, at least before the movie's mysteries are boringly explained.
  • tracks movie adam driver 2
    Movie Review: ‘Tracks’
    The film is based on a 1980 memoir by Robyn Davidson about a trip across the Western Australian desert with her dog, Diggity, a...
  • liam neeson walk among tombstones
    Movie Review: 'A Walk Among the Tombstones’
    Distinctly old-fashioned in its retro, film noir vibe, the movie is notable for its dark atmospherics and strong performance by...