• Movie Review: ‘Foxcatcher’

    The movie tells the real-life story of Olympic wrestlers Mark & Dave Schultz and their relationship with millionaire John DuPont.
    foxcatcher steve carell channing tatum 2
  • Aniston Ready for a 3rd 'Horrible Bosses' Movie

    Jennifer Aniston said she pushed her sex-crazed dentist character as far as she could in in "Horrible Bosses 2," but she's willing to try again.
    Charlie Day, left, as Dale Arbus, and Jennifer Aniston as Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S. in "Horrible Bosses 2."
  • Movie Review: ‘Dumb and Dumber To’

    Those morons Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas are back after 20 years, and they're funnier than I remember, if also dumber.
    dumb and dumber to jim carrey jeff bridges
  • Former SEAL Kristin Beck Describes Her Journey

    Beck talks to us about "Lady Valor," a new documentary about her decision to come out as a transgendered woman after retirement.
    Former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck is the subject of the documentary "Lady Valor."
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Box Office Results: 11/21-11/23

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 - $123M
  2. Big Hero 6 - $20.1M
  3. Interstellar - $15.1M
  4. Dumb and Dumber To - $13.8M
  5. Gone Girl - $2.8M
  6. Beyond the Lights - $2.6M
  7. St. Vincent - $2.4M
  8. Fury - $1.9M
  9. Birdman - $1.9M
  10. The Theory of Everything - $1.5M

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Movie Review: Mud

mud movie

In "Mud," an evocative highlight of the American movie year so far, Matthew McConaughey slips easily into the role of a haunted, lovelorn killer on the lam, hiding out on an island in the Mississippi River along the Arkansas Delta region. Two generations ago, McConaughey's role might've been taken by Paul Newman or the Steve McQueen of "Baby the Rain Must Fall." That's formidable company. Somehow, when no one was looking, McConaughey used the last few years of his increasingly interesting and varied career wisely and well: He's now an actor of serious presence and searching honesty. The moment writer-director Jeff Nichols decided to loca... more

Billy Baldwin Fights to Save Olympic Wrestling

billy baldwin wrestling

Wrestling has always been part of actor Billy Baldwin's life. With the sport's future in peril, Baldwin is hoping his notoriety and Hollywood connections can help keep it on the Olympic program. Baldwin, who wrestled at Binghamton University before a long career in television and films, has joined USA Wrestling's Committee to Preserve Olympic Wrestling as a self-described "Hollywood point person." The committee was formed in the wake of the IOC's recent recommendation that wrestling be left out of the Olympics starting in 2020. Baldwin is charged with keeping the sport's plight on the minds of the public, and he said that he has enliste... more

Hollywood and Vine: Wineries With Celeb Connection

celebrity wine

HEALDSBURG, Calif. - Sometimes visitors to MacMurray Ranch, the 1,500-acre (600-hectare) spread owned by movie and TV actor Fred MacMurray for a half-century, want to know: Where's the heliport? Where's the screening room? Kate MacMurray, Fred's daughter, just smiles. "This was our home," she explains. What visitors will find at the ranch is a place that's not much different than when the MacMurray family lived there, right down to the rocking chair with the wide flat arms just right for holding the actor's drink as he sat reading the paper in the evening, close enough to the window to keep an eye on the Black Angus cattle he raised. M... more

Downey, Paltrow Forge Ironclad Friendship

downey paltrow iron man 3

LOS ANGELES - There's something of the old married couple about Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr., though they're married to other people. They've known each other for 20 years, through bad times (his) and good (hers all along and now his, too). They're cozy and comfy sitting down together for an interview, shifting easily between talking about their Marvel Studios superhero sequel "Iron Man 3," chatting up each other's career and family and trading small talk about their little ailments as Downey rummages through a case of nostrums he travels with. "I think I picked up a little bacteria on the road," Downey says of his trips promoti... more

Big Growth Likely for Georgia's Film Industry

walking dead atlanta

ATLANTA - A few years ago, Georgia was locked in a bidding war with North Carolina over the Disney movie, "The Last Song," starring Miley Cyrus. Both states wanted the movie to film in their state, and North Carolina was close to sealing the deal with an attractive tax incentive package. But Georgia snapped up the production, largely because it had recently expanded its own tax credit for films. The state hasn't looked back since. Not only are TV shows like "The Walking Dead" and films like "The Hunger Games" sequel filmed in Georgia, but tens of millions of dollars are being invested to build up critical infrastructure. No fewer than fi... more

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