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Box Office Results: 2/27-3/1

  1. Focus - $19M
  2. Kingsman: The Secret Service - $11.8M
  3. The SpongBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water - $11.2M
  4. Fifty Shades of Grey - $10.9M
  5. The Lazarus Effect - $10.6M
  6. McFarland USA - $7.8M
  7. American Sniper - $7.7M
  8. The DUFF - $7.2M
  9. Still Alice - $2.7M
  10. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 - $2.4M

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'Lazarus Effect' Dead on Arrival

lazarus effect movie

First-time feature director David Gelb tries to create lively scares out of the bringing-back-the-dead film genre with "The Lazarus Effect." The best he gets are a few nervous twitches. His feature has little more substance than a cable sci-fi movie that starts with a decent idea but gets jumbled by so many predictable and worn out tropes -- the evil of big business, the sins of playing God, the wackiness of quir... more

Julianne Moore Invigorates Dark, Messy 'Maps to the Stars'

In this image released by Focus World, John Cusack appears in a scene from "Maps to the Stars." (AP Photo/Focus World, Caitlin Cronenberg)

"Maps to the Stars" is such a deliriously perfect title for a Hollywood send-up that it's amazing it hasn't been used in that form before. The tritest of all exercises in voyeuristic celebrity worship, that flimsy fold-up guide to the homes of actors and actresses represents the ultimate divide between the "haves" and "have-nots." But David Cronenberg's film is not really about outsiders. Everyone ... more

Salma Hayek Stacks Up Corpses in Bloody B-Flick 'Everly

salma hayek everly

Apparently, there's not much overlap between aficionados of close-harmony early rock and roll and consumers of leering ultraviolence. For me, "Everly" suggests Phil and Don, but the makers of the new movie of the same name seem confident that their target audience won't be confused. Maybe the poster of the topless woman with an automatic rifle in her hand and a Yakuza tattoo on her back is the giveaway... more

Playing Cat and Mouse With Will Smith in 'Focus'

will smith margot robbie focus

The decent but unremarkable caper comedy "Focus" is the kind of movie you see with some pleasure but no dreams of sequels or remakes. A franchise it ain't. Proceeding more on the popularity of its star Will Smith than any essential value in the script, it manages to be half enjoyable, flaws and all. It's not popcorn gruel, and it's not very nutritious, either. There are moments of OK dialogue and humor. You munch... more

Teen Comedy 'DUFF' Gives Genre a Social Media Spin

In this image released by CBS Films, Mae Whitman appears in a scene from "The DUFF." (AP Photo/CBS Films, Guy D Alema)

All teen comedies owe some debt to John Hughes and Amy Heckerling . The milieu of suburban teenage life that they explored decades ago has defined the genre since. The social divisions, the boredom, the dances, the irrepressible awkwardness and the irrational dreaminess of high school students never before seemed so accessible, and so neatly packaged with a perfect soundtrack — even if their scope was rather li... more

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