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robin wright the congress movie

Movie Review: ‘The Congress’

"Very soon, this whole structure that we all love so much will be gone," prophesies Danny Huston's wide-grinning movie studio head in Ari Folman's "The Congress." He's speaking to Robin Wright , who plays a version of herself in the film. In a meeting with Wright and her perplexed agent ( Harvey Keitel ), Huston's Jeff Green , the head of the wryly fictional Miramount Studios, relishes foretelling a com... more

as above so below movie

Movie Review: ‘As Above, So Below’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here," is the inscription uncovered by a gang of 20-something treasure hunters in the catacomb-hopping horror flick, "As Above, So Below ." But the warning could easily apply to viewers checking out this rather hopeless mash-up of "The Descent" and "(Rec)," not to mention a dozen other found-footage movies that have clogged the screens over the last five years. H... more

pierce brosnan november man

Movie Review: ‘The November Man’

It's been a dozen years since Pierce Brosnan played Bond, James Bond , in "Die Another Day." In "The November Man," he comfortably slips back into the the world of international intrigue, killer spies and beautiful women -- like he put on a favorite suit that just happens to be filled with weapons. "The November Man" is a tasty thriller with enough twists to keep you guessing until the end. Roger Donaldson -- who directed... more

when the game stands tall jim caviezel

Movie Review: 'When the Game Stands Tall’

Lacking any real narrative thrust, "When the Game Stands Tall" seems aimed only at die-hard prep football followers interested in the ins and outs of Concord's powerhouse De La Salle High School program. Yet those same die-hard football fans likely will be the first to notice how bogus it is for the film to try to present this team as underdogs. Under head coach Bob Ladouceur ( Jim Caviezel ), t... more

love is strange alfred molina john lithgow

Movie Review: 'Love is Strange'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A gay couple who have been together for almost four decades are separated — at least physically — by factors beyond their control in "Love Is Strange," the latest tender and meandering exploration of human relationships from indie darling Ira Sachs ("Keep the Lights On," ''Forty Shades of Blue"). Set in the Big Apple, this is a sprawling yet intimate narrative, constructed almost entirely of in-between momen... more

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