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Thatcher Had Profound Effect on Popular Culture

thatcher spitting image

LONDON - Margaret Thatcher was not just a political titan, she was a cultural icon - skewered by comedians, transformed into a puppet and played to Oscar-winning perfection by Meryl Streep. With her uncompromising politics, ironclad certainty, bouffant hairstyle and ever-present handbag, the late British leader was grist for comedians, playwrights, novelists and songwriters whether they loved her or - as was more often the case - hated her. SATIRICAL TARGET Thatcher's free-market policies transformed and divided Britain, unleashing an outpouring of creative anger from her opponents. A generation of British comedians, from Ben Elton to A... more

Danny Boyle Exorcises Dark Side in 'Trance'

trance james mcavoy

LONDON - British director Danny Boyle calls his new R-rated thriller "Trance" the "mad bad relative" of the crowd-pleasing opening ceremony he produced for the Olympics last summer. And he admits "Trance" served as sort of an exorcism that helped him get in touch with his dark side while working on the summer spectacular. "It kept us sane," Boyle said of his work on "Trance." "It was like the night version that you were able to escape to, because the other job is like a family-friendly, national celebration. But then there's the other side of every personality - and ("Trance") is it." The widely acclaimed ceremony made Boyle something of... more

Grandfather's Hidden Photos Inspire Holocaust Film

16 photographs at ohrdruf

BOSTON - Matthew Nash's grandfather only mentioned the photographs to him once. Twenty-five-years later, they are the subject of a new documentary on the Holocaust that Nash spent three years making after finding the pictures his grandfather took while serving as an Army medic in World War II. Kept hidden from Nash and others in the family, the photos were not something Nash's grandfather seemed to want to talk about with relatives. But they were something he could never forget. Nash's film - "16 Photographs at Ohrdruf" - tells of the first concentration camp that U.S. soldiers liberated in 1945. The 72-minute film will have its first ... more

Famed Movie Critic Roger Ebert Dies at Age 70

roger ebert russ meyer

CHICAGO - Roger Ebert had the most-watched thumb in Hollywood. With a twist of his wrist, the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic could render a decision that influenced a nation of moviegoers and could sometimes make or break a film. The heavy-set writer in the horn-rimmed glasses teamed up on TV with Gene Siskel to create a format for criticism that proved enormously appealing in its simplicity: uncomplicated reviews that were both intelligent and accessible and didn't talk down to ordinary movie fans. Ebert, film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times since 1967, died Thursday at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, two days after announcing... more

Jackie Robinson Movie Highlights Army Struggle

2nd Lt. Jack Roosevelt Robinson -- later to become baseball legend Jackie Robinson -- was court martialed at Camp Hood, Texas, for refusing to sit at the back of the camp bus. He was acquitted.

Army 2nd Lt. Jack Roosevelt Robinson never saw combat in World War II, except in his lonely battle for civil rights in the military when he stood against segregation and was court-martialed for refusing to go to the back of the bus. At the White House on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama noted that Jackie Robinson “bravely served in our armed forces,” overcoming the bogus charges in the racially motivated court-martial, before becoming a legend as the first African-American to cross the white chalk lines of Major League baseball in 1947. Mrs. Obama was presiding in the State Dining Room at a reception for the cast and crew of the new mo... more

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