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Game Review: ‘Civilization: Beyond Earth’

civilization beyond earth 2

Platform: PC Style: 1 to 8-Player Strategy (8-Player Online) Publisher: 2K Games Developer: Firaxis Games Release: October 24 Rating: E The Bottom Line: 9/10 Concept: As society on Earth collapses, lead your people to the new frontier of space to survive and thrive Graphics: The units and scenery make the hex-world come to life, but don’t expect mindblowing visuals Sound: Applicable and interesting sound effects suited to the setting,... more

Game Review: ‘Sunset Overdrive’

sunset overdrive 2

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Usually, dumb video games don't know they're dumb video games. That's not the case with the ludicrously self-aware "Sunset Overdrive" ( Microsoft, for the Xbox One, $59.99), a vibrant open-world action game set in a doomed metropolis that's been overrun by mutants, robots and mercenaries after the release of a toxic energy drink. While pop culture typically depicts th... more

Game Review: ‘Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!’

borderlands the pre sequel

Like dozens of other video games, "Borderlands" is all about killing — people, robots, monsters, whatever. But "Borderlands" has a not-so-secret weapon in its arsenal: an acidic sense of black humor that's a welcome relief from the gung-ho war-is-hell cliches of competitors like "Call of Duty" and "Halo." In 2012's "Borderlands 2," the source of most of the comedy was Handsome Jack, the sarcastic yet charming villa... more

Game Review: ‘The Evil Within’

evil within game

In the video-game world, Shinji Mikami's name has the same cachet that George Romero and Wes Craven have among moviegoers. Mikami created "Resident Evil," the 1996 classic usually credited as the first "survival horror" game. He abandoned the series after 2005's masterly "Resident Evil 4," and it hasn't been the same since, rejecting jittery terror for a more explosive Hollywood blockbuster approach. Mikami ... more

Game Review: ‘NBA 2K15'

nba 2k15

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC Style: 1 to 4-Player Sports (10-Player Online) Publisher: 2K Sports Developer: Visual Concepts Release: October 7 ESRB: E The Bottom Line: 7.75/10 Concept: Hone the new-gen offerings in MyGM and MyCareer modes, but continue to turn the ball over when it comes to connectivity Graphics: Excellent player models and animations make this the best-looking sports game on the marke... more

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