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Review: 'Overwatch' has a Shot at Being Next E-Sports Phenom

This image released by Blizzard Entertainment shows a scene from the video game, "Overwatch." (Blizzard Entertainment via AP)

The e-sports boom, with millions of fans watching the world's finest video gamers compete, has taken many longtime industry observers (including me) by surprise. And it has developers scrambling to create the next big e-sports phenomenon. Blizzard Entertainment is an e-sports powerhouse, with the strategy game "StarCraft," the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) "Heroes of the Storm" and even the card game "Hearthstone." Blizzard's new "Ov... more

Review: 'Mirror's Edge Catalyst' Is Overdue Poetry in Motion

This image released by Electronic arts shows a scene from the video game, "Mirror’s Edge Catalyst." (Electronic Arts via AP)

In most first-person video games, the act of running and jumping is something a player does while shooting enemies in the face. The creators of "Mirror's Edge" slickly subverted that overused convention in 2008 with a focus on acrobatic toes instead of trigger fingers. After a nearly decade-long break, the developers at DICE have finally retraced their steps. "Mirror's Edge Catalyst" (Electronic Arts, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, $... more

Review: Philly Rebels After North Korea Invades 'Homefront'

This image released by Deep Silver shows a scene from the video game, "Homefront: The Revolution." (Deep Silver via AP)

Americans are worried about a lot of things: jobs, health care, climate change, terrorism, too many guns, not enough guns. But hey, at least we haven't been invaded by North Korea. If that scenario has been weighing on you, though, you might find some solace in "Homefront: The Revolution" (Deep Silver, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, $59.99). In this alternate universe, Kim Jong Un's army is powerful enough to occupy parts of the United ... more

Review: 'Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End'

uncharted 4

Platform: PlayStation 4 Style: 1-Player Action (10-Player Online) Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: Naughty Dog Release: May 10 Rating: T The Bottom Line: 9.5 Concept: Nathan Drake’s final adventure is as emotional as it is exciting, a true testament to Naughty Dog’s storytelling and gameplay skills Graphics: A work of art. Few details are spared in making the characters and world come to life Sound: Nolan North and T... more

Review: Trippy 'Quantum Break' Marred by Tiresome Gunplay

This image released Microsoft shows a scene from the video game, "Quantum Break." (Microsoft via AP)

What would you do if you could control time? Visit the future and grab an iPhone 50? Kill a despised historical figure while he's still a baby? Carve out some time to catch up on your Netflix queue? Will Joyce, the genius who discovers time travel in "Quantum Break" (Microsoft, for the Xbox One, PC, $59.95), wants none of that. He's the kind of quirky brainiac who just wants to unlock the secrets of the universe. Unfortunately, his tinkering ... more

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