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Activists to Bosnian Pokemon Go Users: Beware of Mine Fields

578eef7a8f368jpg 20 Jul 2016

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — A non-governmental organization in Bosnia says it has heard of people wandering into mine fields while playing Pokemon Go, and is urging them to pay more attention before someone gets hurt. The "Posavina without mines" organization said Tuesday that some gamers have gone astray in the northern region of Posavina. Bosnia is one of the world's most heavily mined countries. Accidents continued after the 1992-... more

Pokemon Go Only for the Brave in Lagos

<lt></lt>p<gt></gt>Two friends use the Pokemon Go application on their mobile phones on the campus grounds of the University of Lagos on July 14, 2016<lt></lt>/p<gt></gt>

It's safe to say Nintendo's hit mobile game Pokemon Go is more suited for playing in the clean, well-lit streets of San Francisco or the impeccably-maintained parks of New York. Anarchic Lagos on the other hand, with its seemingly suicidal motorcyclists, festering sewage and prowling thieves, doesn't appear to be the ideal place to go hunting virtual creatures. But some locals in the West African megacity think nothing of braving the chaos t... more

2 Marines Playing 'Pokemon Go' Help Nab Attempted Murder Suspect

JavierSochSethOrtegajpg 13 Jul 2016

Javier Soch and Seth Ortega went to downtown Fullerton on Tuesday hoping to hunt monsters on the new Pokemon Go smartphone game. Instead, the Marine Corps veterans helped police in the Orange County city catch a man who was bothering children at a playground. Investigators later learned the man was wanted for attempted murder by authorities in Sonoma County. "It's not what we were expecting our day to turn out with," said Ortega, who is purs... more

Base: Please Don't Threaten National Security With Pokemon Go

PokemonGojpeg 13 Jul 2016

It's time for a few guidelines for gamers, Navy officials in Gulfport have decided. For example, please don't attempt to enter a military installation, even if you're in search of a Poliwag. Neither the promise of two Pokemon gyms nor rumors of a Pikachu are enough to justify what technically qualifies as an unauthorized intrusion onto the Seabee base. For those stationed at the Naval Construction Battalion Center, officials also have issued... more

'Avatar' Mobile Game Landing Ahead of Film Sequels

FILE - In this Wednesday, June 1, 2011, file photo, a figure of Jake Sully's avatar character from the movie "Avatar," is on display at the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Before moviegoers return to Pandora, they'll be able

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Before moviegoers return to Pandora, they'll be able visit the exotic alien world from "Avatar" on their smartphones. Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox have enlisted game studio Kabam to develop an "Avatar" mobile game for release ahead of the next four film sequels. "The idea is to extend the world beyond the big screen and create an experience that will be true to what James Cameron did in making the most tec... more

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