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Movie Theaters Host Youth League for 'Minecraft' Gamers

Movie Theaters Host Youth League Minecraft Gamers image0

LOS ANGELES (AP) — On a recent afternoon inside the Cinemark Playa Vista multiplex, a sold-out movie theater was packed with more than 100 children and their parents. The youngsters weren't gathering to watch "Minions" or "Inside Out" for the zillionth time. Instead, they came armed with their laptops to competitively play the video game "Minecraft." "The theaters want to be a destination not just for movies but for entertainment," said Brett... more

With 'Mario Maker,' Nintendo Relinquishes Control

Mario Maker Nintendo Relinquishes Control image0

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Nintendo is giving players the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom. After three decades of releasing "Super Mario" video games, the notoriously protective Japanese gaming giant is inviting players to create their own levels in the bouncy plumber's homeland with the user-generated Wii U title "Super Mario Maker," out Friday. "I thought after 30 years, it would be perfect to reward creative players with the ability to build their o... more

8-Bit Icons: A Look at the Video Games of 'Pixels'

pixels movie

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Q*bert is ready for his close-up. After bringing Harry Potter and Mrs. Doubtfire to life on the big screen, Chris Columbus' latest film sees the director inserting classic video game characters into the real world. "Pixels" follows a trio of 1980s arcade champions who are recruited by the government to stop an alien force that's taking the form of Donkey Kong and other interactive critters.... more

Best E3 Ever?

e3 convention 2015

As someone who has attended every Electronic Entertainment Expo since its inception in 1995, this was one for the record books. It’s hard to say if it’s the best in E3’s 20-year history, but there is no denying that it was the strongest of the last decade and that it supercharged the industry and gamers alike. I left with a renewed excitement for the industry I love so dearly. I heard E3 2015 dubbed many things over the five-day event: The Re... more

Minecraft on Hololens: Future of Gaming is Right in Front of Your Eyes

minecraft hololens

There are robot insects bursting in through the walls. Everywhere I look, the plaster is cracking, then suddenly, out they spew, their metallic claws aimed at my jugular. It sounds like the sort of techno-hallucinogenic nightmare that filmmaker David Cronenberg may concoct in one of his woozy sci-fi horror flicks. But it isn’t. This is a demo for Microsoft’s Hololens, a forthcoming ... more

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