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'American Sniper' Widow Taya Kyle's New Book Addresses Grief

Taya & Chris Kyle

DALLAS (AP) — The widow of famed "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle says in her upcoming book that she struggled with the idea of whether her husband's killer should be executed. Taya Kyle writes in "American Wife," which will be published next week by William Morrow , that she concluded she would be fine with either the death penalty or life in prison. "That was as far as I could go toward forgiveness," she wrote. Kyle... more

'American Warlord' Follows Chucky Taylor From US to Liberia

This photo provided by Alfred A. Knopf shows the book cover of "American Warlord, " by Johnny Dwyer. (Alfred A. Knopf via AP)

"American Warlord: A True Story" ( Alfred A. Knopf ), by Johnny Dwyer Chucky Taylor's 2008 trial in Miami federal court was a sort of homecoming for a young man whose adolescence in Florida had been like so many others bored with the suburbs and longing for absent fathers. The surreal journey Taylor took from Florida to Liberia and then back to stand trial for torture is the... more

Dana Perino Reveals Details of Bush Visits to Walter Reed in New Book

president george bush walter reed

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dana Perino , President George W. Bush's spokeswoman at the end of his presidency, is out with a book that is part memoir, part career advice. Perino is the only Republican woman ever to serve as White House press secretary and is now a co-cost of "The Five" on Fox News Channel. Five tidbits from "And the Good News Is ...: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side," which goes on sale Tuesday: ... more

Retired Colonel to Release Novel About Life at Air Force Academy

doug beason the cadet

It's a favorite phrase drill instructors use when a trainee has asked one question too many. "Are you writing a book?" Air Force Academy graduate Doug Beason drew on his basic training experience and did just that. "It's a coming of age novel," said Beason, a retired Air Force colonel and physicist who lives in Castle Rock. Due for a Tuesday release, "The Cadet" is the first in a planned series of books that... more

Cotton Malone is on the Case in Berry's 'Patriot Threat'

This photo provided by Minotaur Books/St. Martin’s Press, LLC shows the cover of the book, "The Patriot Threat," by author Steve Berry. (AP Photo/Minotaur Books/St. Martin’s Press, LLC)

"The Patriot Threat" ( Minotaur Books), by Steve Berry Cotton Malone tackles a case that could cause an uprising over taxes in Steve Berry's new thriller, "The Patriot Threat." A deposed North Korean leader believes he can regain his honor and return to power by bringing down the United States. He stumbles on the works of an author named Howell, who postulates that the law creating the federal income tax ... more

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