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US Doctor Recounts Kidnap, Rescue in Afghanistan

dilip joseph kidnapped by the taliban

DENVER (AP) — An American aid doctor who was held captive by the Taliban for four days in Afghanistan in 2012 said he found a surprising kinship with one of his captors but grieves for a Navy SEAL who was killed during his rescue. Dilip Joseph said Tuesday a 19-year-old Taliban fighter named Wallakah opened up to him about his own violent life and queried Joseph about his, even ask... more

Book Review: ‘The Glass Cage’

glass cage carr

"The Glass Cage: Automation and Us" ( W.W. Norton & Co.), by Nicholas Carr I haven't needed to memorize a phone number since I bought my first cellphone 15 years ago. Now I couldn't recall a single number, not even my mother's (sorry, mom). After reading Nicholas Carr's "The Glass Cage: Automation and Us," I not only long for the time I relied on that part of my brain, I'll be looking for ways to... more

Book Review: 'How Star Wars Conquered the Universe'

star wars conquers the universe

"How Star Wars Conquered the Universe: The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise" ( Basic Books), by Chris Taylor Chris Taylor , deputy editor of the social media website Mashable, lets his geekdom shine with "How Star Wars Conquered the Universe: The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise." Taylor tries to accomplish several things: He examines how the "Star Wars... more

Ebola Outbreak Revives Interest in 'The Hot Zone'

hot zone richard preston

NEW YORK (AP) — The current Ebola outbreak has revived interest in a 1994 book about the deadly virus: Richard Preston's " The Hot Zone." Preston's million-selling book is No. 7 on The New York Times' nonfiction list of combined print and e-books sellers that comes out Sunday. " The Hot Zone" is subtitled "a terrifying true story." Its admirers have included Stephen King , who called the first c... more

'Vape', 'Binge-Watch' Added to Oxford Dictionaries

oxford english dictionary

LONDON (AP) — Don't know what "vaping" is? How about "listicle"? Perhaps it's time to get to know them. Britain's Oxford University Press said Thursday it is adding the words — along with other new entries, from "time-poor" to "Paleo diet" — to its online Oxford Dictionaries to reflect new language trends. Editors for the site track and analyze some 150 million English words used online, in newspap... more

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