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  • Brake Maintenance: Checking Brake Fluid

    Checking Auto Brake Fluid

    Many of the symptoms associated with a brake problem are the result of brake fluid issues (see this link for a list of brake problem symptoms). Fortunately, checking your brake fluid level is a relatively easy process—just follow the steps below and have your car manual handy. 1. Open the hood of your car and find the brake master cylinder. The cylinder is usually on the driver’s side of the car, toward the back of the engine compartmen... more

  • Keep Your Car Cool

    Car in the heat.

    Content provided courtesy of USAA. Hot temperatures outdoors increase the chance of your engine overheating. This is especially true when you're stuck in traffic (when airflow can't help cool the engine) or driving uphill (when the engine is working extra hard). To help prevent problems, have your engine coolant reservoir periodically checked and refilled to the full line. As you drive, keep an eye on the dashboard temperature gauge. If the ... more

  • 5 Simple Steps for Selling Your Automobile


    Content provided courtesy of USAA. When it's time to find a new home for an old ride, these five steps can help make your transaction a smoother one: Perform an assessment. Often we get used to a broken mirror, torn upholstery or a small oil leak, but those problems can lower your car's value. Painstakingly document everything broken, nonfunctional or unsightly. Then decide what should be fixed to get top dollar. Fix what's crucia... more

  • Keep Your Distance

    road 600x400

    Content provided courtesy of USAA. To keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, consider using the "three-second rule." Look for a fixed object on the road — a sign, a tree or an overpass. When the car in front of you passes that object, count "one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three." If you reach the object before you finish counting, you're probably too close. These three seconds should give you time to process... more

  • Keep Your Sunroof Working

    Scion TC autos

    Content provided courtesy of USAA. Spring is in the air, but a malfunctioning sunroof can put a damper on an otherwise beautiful day. Over time, exposure to the elements and mechanical wear and tear can cause your sunroof to leak or get hung up. But a little periodic maintenance can help keep it in good working order. Lauren Fix and Steve Ford, auto experts from the DIY Network, recommend cleaning the metal rails of the sunroof with isopropy... more

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