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First-Time Homebuyers & the Advantages of VA Loans

Reasons to choose a VA loan are numerous, but first-time homebuyers who qualify may have added benefits when using their military home loan entitlements.  No Down Payment Option Often first-time homebuyers have not accrued enough savings for a down payment on a home purchase.  And first-time homebuyers do not have proceeds from the sale of a prior home to put toward their real estate purchase.  VA home loans enable eligible borrowers to bu... more

4 Reasons 2014 May Be The Year To Buy A House

Home prices, mortgage rates, lending standards and home buying trends are shifting. This is what service members need to know about buying a home in 2014. Insight into these four economic and market factors may help potential homebuyers turn their American Dream into a reality. 1. Home Prices are on the Rise FHFA House Price Index of third quarter 2013 shows prices have been on a steady climb since Q2 2011. Many forecasters believe the upwa... more

Veterans Guide to Specially Adapted Housing Grants

Veteran in wheelchair looking at laptop with wife

This is not your grandparent’s SAH grant. Bigger dollar amounts and automatic eligibility for some make the benefit more practical for today’s disabled veterans. John Swanson is a disabled veteran confined to a wheelchair. His 20-year quest for an adapted home of his own ended happily in June 2014. He received the maximum grant amount and applied the funds to the creation of a custom-built dream home in California. Why did it take 20 yea... more

VA Loans Easier for Moms and Dads on Active Duty

New law expands VA loan occupancy requirements for moms and dads away on active duty. Now, dependents of single or dual-active parents serving away or overseas can occupy their family’s home to satisfy long-standing VA rule. A new addition to the VA occupancy guideline may be good news for single parents, and families with parents serving overseas. VA borrowers have to meet owner-occupancy requirements to qualify for the government-backed m... more

What's Going on with VA Mortgage Interest Rates?

One day they’re up, the next day they’re down. Where are they now and how do they affect the bottom line? With all the different home loan rates advertised in print and online, it can be difficult to determine exactly where rates stand from one day to the next. One of the best sources for accurate information is Freddie Mac. This public government-sponsored financial entity, founded in the 1970s to support the housing market, compiles its dat... more

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