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Veterans Making Waves in the Housing Market

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As the U.S. continues to condense the size of its military, returning veterans are having a widespread impact on civilian life. Many are entering the private sector while others struggle to find work. Many are benefiting from advanced medical care while others suffer from inattention. Despite the ups and downs of every veteran's transition, one area of civilian life that a great number of veterans are finding success in is housing, and th... more

Multiple VA loans for Homeowners with PCS Orders

VA Home Loans

If you are a service member, chances are high that springtime means relocation. Thanks to Permanent Change of Station orders, military families move on an average of every two to three years. That's 2.4 times more than civilian families. Military families who currently own a home financed by a VA loan often scramble to sell in order use their VA loan benefits again in their new location. But the truth is that, under the right circumstances, b... more

Earnest Money Deposits and VA Loans

If you read a sales contract carefully, and you should if you haven’t, you’ll soon realize it’s pretty serious. Various responsibilities are assigned all parties signing the contract including when the buyers must have their loan fully approved, the seller must provide an existing survey or abstract and who will pay for certain closing costs among a host of other instructions. The sales price gets the most attention and rightfully so because ... more

Step-by-Step to a VA Loan: #2 Obtain Your COE

6 Easy Steps to a VA Loan

Following 6 easy steps to a VA mortgage can prevent slipups and delays. Learn the DOS and DON’TS of the second step: obtaining your COE. COE (see-oh-e) stands for Certificate of Eligibility. It’s a document generated by the Department of Veterans Affairs that tells your VA-approved lender if you meet certain requirements for home loan benefits based on your military service. It also contains important information that can help your loan offic... more

Using a VA Loan with Power of Attorney

Sometimes the timing just isn’t quite right. You make plans and life says otherwise and you find out that what you had intended to happen had to make some adjustments along the way. To help prepare for the unexpected, a power of attorney document allows veterans and service members to have another individual sign legal documents on their behalf while away. This can be from a deployment or in the process of a harried PCS. However it is, the pow... more

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The Post I Wish That I Had Written

Every once in a while, I read a post and am immediately jealous that I didn’t write it myself.  This happened today, when my email showed me the latest post at The Military Guide:  Military Discounts Are Not Entitlements.  I don’t know the author, Rick Kuehn, but when we meet (and we will, it’s a […]

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