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Can You Borrow More Than Your Home is Worth?

Green house in hands.

How much can you borrow using your VA home loan benefit? That question is answered both by how much your monthly payments will be compared to how much you make each month along with your entitlement amount and loan limits for the area. But when you do find out how much you can qualify for you also have the benefit of putting no money down, something you can’t do with FHA and conventional loan programs. If the sales price on your home is $200,0... more

Money Saving Tips for VA Home Loans

Purchasing a home with VA Loan

The VA home loan is most famous for requiring no down payment from those who qualify for the program. Conventional loans underwritten to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines require the loan amount to be at least 80 percent of the sales price of the home to avoid private mortgage insurance and higher interest rates. That means a $300,000 home loan using a conventional loan will ask for a 20 percent down payment of $60,000. Yet even though the... more

Step-by-Step to a VA Loan: #3 Prequalifying

6 Easy Steps to a VA Loan

Following 6 easy steps to a VA home loan can help make the process go more smoothly. Learn the DO’S and DON’TS of the optional third step: Prequalifying. VA Loan Prequalifying is one of the first steps a borrower may choose to take after they have connected with a VA-approved lender. Prequalification is an initial assessment of the borrower’s ability to qualify for a loan based on preliminary information about income, debt and credit. Prequal... more

Veterans Making Waves in the Housing Market

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As the U.S. continues to condense the size of its military, returning veterans are having a widespread impact on civilian life. Many are entering the private sector while others struggle to find work. Many are benefiting from advanced medical care while others suffer from inattention. Despite the ups and downs of every veteran's transition, one area of civilian life that a great number of veterans are finding success in is housing, and th... more

Multiple VA loans for Homeowners with PCS Orders

VA Home Loans

If you are a service member, chances are high that springtime means relocation. Thanks to Permanent Change of Station orders, military families move on an average of every two to three years. That's 2.4 times more than civilian families. Military families who currently own a home financed by a VA loan often scramble to sell in order use their VA loan benefits again in their new location. But the truth is that, under the right circumstances, b... more

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Roth TSPs Require New Election in 2015

Some of you may have received an email about the Roth TSP changes, and it is a little confusing.  Let me try to make it simple. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service has recently posted a notice about changes to Roth TSP elections.  It says this: Important Notice for Army, Navy or Air Force active […]

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