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Step-by-Step to a VA Loan: #6 Close and Move In

6 Easy Steps to a VA Loan - Step 6

If you take the six steps to a VA home loan one at a time, you may find that the home buying process is easier than you thought. Learn the DOS and DON’TS of the sixth step: Closing on your VA loan and Moving In. If your VA loan application has been approved and processed, all that’s left to do is close and move in. Closing is an important final step in the process as it allows you to confirm with your signature that you agree to the terms of ... more

Step-by-Step to a VA Loan: #5 Loan Application and Appraisal

6 Easy Steps to a VA Loan - Step 5

If you take the six steps to a VA home loan one step at a time, you may find the process can be pretty smooth. Learn the DOS and DON’TS of the fifth step — Finishing the Loan Application and Appraisal. By now you’ve found the home you want to buy and submitted your purchase contract to your lender. From here on out, your lender does a considerable amount of work, and will be asking you to find and gather documents, documents and more document... more

A Look at the Credit Score Benefits of VA Loans


VA loans provide an array of significant homebuying benefits for qualified borrowers, from no down payment or private mortgage insurance to consistently lower interest rates. But one of the biggest benefits of all — more relaxed credit score requirements — can also prove one of the most confusing, especially for first-time buyers. That’s in part because what the VA requires and what lenders need can sometimes be different. The VA doesn’t req... more

Step-by-Step to a VA Loan: #4 House Hunting

6 Easy Steps to a VA Loan

Following 6 easy steps to a VA home loan can make for a smoother process. Learn the DOS and DON’TS of the fourth step: House Hunting and Purchase Contract. The fourth step of the VA Loan process can often be the most exciting and stressful: HOUSE HUNTING. Finding the right house, making an offer and submitting a purchase contract to the seller can be one of the longest, or shortest, parts of getting a VA loan. However, you must have a signed ... more

Veterans Guide to Specially Adapted Housing Grants

Veteran in wheelchair looking at laptop with wife

This is not your grandparent’s SAH grant. Bigger dollar amounts and automatic eligibility for some make the benefit more practical for today’s disabled veterans. John Swanson is a disabled veteran confined to a wheelchair. His 20-year quest for an adapted home of his own ended happily in June 2014. He received the maximum grant amount and applied the funds to the creation of a custom-built dream home in California. Why did it take 20 years? ... more

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Can You REALLY Afford That Loan?

This morning, my kids asked me about how I became interested in money.  There are a couple of reasons, but we got talking about my job in mortgage banking and how I worked with delinquent borrowers and that I got to review the original underwriting on those mortgages, and that I saw a lot of […]

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