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When to Lock Your VA Rate

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Low interest rates have been news for a couple of years now. Yes, rates have moved up recently from their historic lows but they're still a bargain. If you find yourself paying attention to interest rate advertisements a bit more than you used to, it's probably because you're thinking of refinancing your current VA loan or getting ready to buy and finance a new property using your VA home loan benefit. Yet regardless of the endless adver... more

A Look at the Credit Score Benefits of VA Loans

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VA loans provide an array of significant homebuying benefits for qualified borrowers, from no down payment or private mortgage insurance to consistently lower interest rates. But one of the biggest benefits of all — more relaxed credit score requirements — can also prove one of the most confusing, especially for first-time buyers. That’s in part because what the VA requires and what lenders need can sometimes be different. The VA doesn’t req... more

Nine Reasons to Choose a VA Loan

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With a purchase as long-lasting and expensive as a new home, it's important to research what type of loan works for you. Although different lenders will throw around a lot of numbers, it's imperative that you carefully figure out the bottom line of each option. One major advantage veterans have is VA backing for home loans which comes with a number of elements that conventional loans usually don't have. We've collected the top nine advantages... more

3 Good Reasons to Consider a VA Home Loan

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Service members move a lot. A move may take them across the country or to the other side of the globe. When it comes time to buy a place to call home, a Veterans Affairs loan may be able to help them do it for less. Since its inception in 1944, the VA loan program has helped more than 20 million service members and veterans purchase homes, according to the Department of Veteran Affairs. Today, it can provide lower interest rates than traditi... more

Money Saving Tips for VA Home Loans


The VA home loan is most famous for requiring no down payment from those who qualify for the program. Conventional loans underwritten to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines require the loan amount to be at least 80 percent of the sales price of the home to avoid private mortgage insurance and higher interest rates. That means a $300,000 home loan using a conventional loan will ask for a 20 percent down payment of $60,000. Yet even though the... more

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Comparison Shopping For Utilities

Moving around all the time means constantly learning about the different utility companies that are available in your (new) home.  Some utilities almost always have options, like internet and cable television service.  However, you might be surprised to discover that in many locations, you can choose the person who provides your electric service, or your […]

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