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What Exactly is an IRA?


Content provided courtesy of USAA. What is an IRA? Before I answer this question, I'll share another one that I'm asked frequently. "What are your IRAs paying?" When someone asks me this question, I bite my tongue and think about candy bar wrappers, envelopes and garages. I'm not kidding. I've found these analogies to be a helpful way to keep from uttering a snarky "nothing" in response to the inquiry. Why nothing? Because contrary to ... more

Making the Most of Active-Duty Retirement Pay

Military Transition

Years before you hang up your uniform and leave active-duty military service, you will need to make a major decision about your retirement pay. If you entered on or after Aug. 1, 1986, you'll be asked around your 15th year of service to choose between two different retirement plans. The High-36 retirement plan is so named because it's based on the average of your highest 36 months of basic pay, while the CSB/REDUX option comes with a $30,000 ... more

Understanding Divorce in the Military


This content is provided courtesy of USAA. Legally, military personnel who are getting divorced are no different than anyone else, so the procedural process is the same. If you are in the military or a military spouse, there are some additional factors that can affect your divorce. For instance, the process may take longer if one of you is on active duty in a remote area or have a permanent station overseas. There are some states that have r... more

Your Mission: Saving for Retirement

Young Servicemember and Family

Whether you’re beginning to save for retirement or have an active plan of action, bravo! You’re well on your way to securing the future for you and your family. If you plan to stay in the military through retirement, your pension will act as a good starting point. You may be eligible for a pension, or retired pay, if you serve a minimum amount of time—usually 20 years. The amount of your pension will be based on the number of years you served ... more

Military Retirement General Information

Army officer retirement  ceremony.

Personal and Family Information This period of transition provides an excellent opportunity to get your personal and Family records in order. Original or certified copies of documents are required when you file for various benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Social Security Administration (SSA), and other government agencies. You should make sure that your vital documents are in order and that your next of kin or the ... more

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Money Matters


Paycheck Chronicles

Be Cyber-Safe This Online Season

The biggest online shopping season of the year is starting right now, and there are a million ways that online activity can put you at risk for identify theft or financial fraud.  While there is no fool-proof way to avoid having your personal information compromised, there are steps you can take to keep yourself a […]

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