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February Commissary Remote Location Sales

Are you an eligible commissary shopper who doesn’t live near a commissary? You should keep an eye on the Defense Commissary Agency’s “Guard/Reserve On-Site Sales”...

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Understanding Divorce in the Military


Some of this content is provided courtesy of USAA. Legally, military personnel who are getting divorced are no different than anyone else, so the procedural process is the same. If you are in the military or a military spouse, there are some additional factors that can affect your divorce. For instance, the process may take longer if one of you is on active duty in a remote area or have a permanent station overseas. There are some states th... more

Retirement Planning for All Ages

Servicemember discussion table.

With the average life expectancy 30 years longer today than it was 100 years ago, saving adequate funds to live comfortably through a long retirement has become more challenging. Consider the following four snapshots of typical families in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Compare their stories to your own to determine whether you're on track to retire with financial security. 20s: Matt, working with wedding bells on the way ... When Matt gradu... more

Transitioning from Military Service

Military Transition

Survivor Benefits for Death on Active Duty: Death Gratuity -- Lump sum payment of $100,000 (tax free). Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) -- Coverage of up to $400,000. Pay -- Arrears in pay and payment for accumulated leave. Medical/Dental Benefits -- Receive benefits as "Active Duty Dependents" for three years. After three years, transition to TRICARE, just like the families of military retirees. Dependant children ... more

Retirement Decision Point: Military Career Status Bonus

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If you have been in the military for more than ten years, you are likely looking at sticking around for retirement. If so, you have a retirement decision to make prior to reaching your fifteenth year in service. Many servicemembers choose to accept the so-called "Redux" or Career Status Bonus that offers $30K up front and a significantly reduced retirement payment later. If you entered service after August 1986, you have the option to choose e... more

Saving for Retirement with a Guarantee

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It is America's dirty little secret: we are spenders, not savers. Everyday the headlines tell us more than half of Americans wish they had started saving for retirement earlier. In reality, even those who are saving probably are not saving enough. Plus the safety net of the traditional employer-sponsored pension plan is being cut back if not eliminated. If all this were not enough, there is the sub-prime lending crisis, falling housing prices... more

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