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    Four Reasons to Sign Up for a Roth TSP
    You may not realize it yet, but the long-delayed Roth alternative to the Thrift Savings Plan could be an exciting new addition ...
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    Think Twice Before Cashing Out Your TSP
    If you are thinking about cashing out your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) when you leave the uniformed service, think twice. Or mayb...
  • Time to Move Out of TSP Stock Funds?|
    If your investment strategy includes timing the stock market, now is a good time to shift your holdings out of the TSP Funds th...
  • Starting a TSP Account
    Read on for details on starting a thrift savings plan account, and the different contribution plans.
  • Investing in TSP -- Military money?
    The federal government-sponsored Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) began offering "lifecycle" funds in 2005 as a choice for those inter...

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Thrift Savings Plan: Before You Invest

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Before you invest in a thrift savings plan, here are the questions you should answer for yourself.What Are My Retirement Needs?Think about the kind of life you expect to have in retirement, how long you expect to be in retirement, and what your income needs might be. Start by estimating a percentage of your current annual income that you think might sustain you in your retirement years. Then determine the extent to which you expect to rel... more

Thrift Savings Plan Asset Allocation

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Statistics show that people are living longer, healthier lives. It's possible that you could spend two, maybe three decades in retirement. You'll need your TSP account to provide you with current income when you need it and continuous income to last your entire lifetime.Your TSP Asset AllocationYour asset allocation is an important consideration while you are in retirement because you'll need sufficient income to meet your current expenses. Yo... more

Think Twice Before Cashing Out Your TSP

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If you are thinking about cashing out your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) when you leave the uniformed service, think twice. Or maybe three times. You might be about to forsake a financially secure retirement. All servicemembers and their families should be educated to the potentially devastating impact that cashing even a modest amount of TSP assets can have on retirement savings. When you switch jobs before retirement, you usually can choose am... more

Thrift Savings Plan Contribution Limits

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2015 Update: Roth TSP is changing from a dollar amount election to a percentage of pay election. Traditional TSP will remain a percentage of pay election. In January 2015, members who want to continue their Roth TSP election must submit a new election on MyPay or submit a TSP election form TSP-U-1 to their finance office. If you do not submit a new election your Roth TSP contributions will be stopped at the end of January 2015. TSP Contribut... more

TSP Contribution Types


What are the different TSP contribution programs available? Read on for an overview of each. Regular Employee Contributions are payroll deductions that come out of your basic pay before taxes are withheld. Each pay period, your agency or service will deduct your contribution to the TSP from your pay in the amount you choose (or the automatic enrollment amount of 3%). Your agency or service will continue to do so until you make a new TSP elect... more

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