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  • Where is home? Getty Images
    HOR vs. SLR: What's the Difference?
    Mark Steber
    There's no place like home, but when a member of the military is asked 'What is your home of record (HOR)?' sometimes the answe...
  • Calculating finances. Getty Images
    Tax Tips for Military Spouses
    Tara Crooks
    As a military spouse tax time can be stressful. Here's answers to some of the most common questions.
  • Taxes
    Unique Ways to Save on State Taxes|
    You may be eligible for one of several tax breaks that could save you big money.
  • Income taxes. Getty Images
    Top Tax Tips for Military Personnel|
    Except for those in combat zones or stationed outside the U.S., most troops and families must file by the traditional deadline.
  • Tax planning. Getty Images
    8 Tips to Reduce Tax-Time Stress|
    Just thinking about preparing your taxes can give you a headache. But being prepared going into tax season will make it easier.