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Per Diem Break Down of Meals

The following table shows the breakdown of continental breakfast/breakfast, lunch, and dinner components of the maximum daily reimbursement (per diem) rates for meals and incidental expenses while on travel. Refer to Section 301-11.18 of the Federal Travel Regulation for guidance on deducting these amounts from your per diem reimbursement claims for meals furnished to you by the government.

NOTE: You must view the per diem rate for your primary destination to determine which M&IE rates apply. See the Defense Travel website for per diem rates

Total Breakfast Lunch Dinner IE
$51 $11 $12 $23 $5
$54 $12 $13 $24 $5
$59 $13 $15 $26 $5
$64 $15 $16 $28 $5
$69 $16 $17 $31 $5
$74 $17 $18 $34 $5

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