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Corie Weathers, licensed professional counselor (LPC), is a sought-after speaker, consultant and author of Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage. Corie has focused her career for the last 15 years as a counselor specializing in marriage, divorce, women's issues, PTSD and substance abuse. Together, she and her husband, a U.S. Army Chaplain, have worked together to support service members and families involved with the War on Terrorism. In 2015, Corie was named the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year where she advocated for mental health issues and served as a media correspondent writing online and print publications, consulting for command teams, and speaking to groups on issues like PTSD, grief and marriage. She traveled to Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to visit troops and see deployment conditions. 

Today, Corie continues to encourage others through her inspirational blog and podcast. She also co-hosts marriage retreats with her husband and offers an online marriage program designed to improve intimacy and connection.

Over Your Move Weight? Overage Charges Could Take Years

(Photo: Stock image.)
(Photo: Stock image.)

Dear Q&B --

It's been a two years since our final military move, which is why we were so surprised to receive a bill today for going over our military move weight allowance.

We knew we were over, but we thought that if they were going to send a bill, they would've done it by now. Is it even legal for them to charge us two years later? It was a bad surprise.

-- Surprised

Hi, Surprised.

It's one of the terrible things about dealing with the government, isn't it? When they owe you money, you may never see it. But if you owe them money, they'll get you in the end.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no time cap on how long after your military move the government has to collect additional charges, according to officials at Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), which manages the military move and PCS system.

A previous 10-year limit was removed in 2008 thanks to a law change, they said.

That means they can charge you at any time. And if they can't track you down the old-fashioned and (you might say) polite way by mail, they eventually could simply garnish your tax return. In short, you're going to pay whether you like it or not.

So how much could you owe? It's too late for you now, but others who read this should pay close attention to their weight limits and transportation office during their move.

There's no specific formula for how much going over your military move weight allowance costs, but if you think you'll be going over, SDDC officials strongly recommend you ask for a re-weigh.

"We would highly encourage them to request a re-weigh through their Transportation Service Provider (TSP) or Installation Transportation Office (ITO). This can be done [on Move.mil] or by contacting the TSP or ITO directly," SDDC officials told us. "It's important to note that service members do not incur cost for re-weighs, so if they are close, it's best to err on the side of caution and request a re-weigh."

-- Team Q&B

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