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Getting Ready for a Move

5 Things to Do When You Get PCS Orders

CANNON AIR FORCE BASE, N.M., -- The U.S. Air Force Cannon Air Force Base issued the news:

When permanent change of station orders arrive, Air Commandos here have a plethora of resources to make the transition from one base to another as seamlessly as possible.

The 27th Special Operations Logistics Readiness Squadron personal property and transportation management offices have some tips, information and suggestions to make the process a little easier.

When preparing to move vehicles, it is important to know that the International Auto Logistics is the new government contractor responsible for shipping all military members' personally owned automobiles. This new contract took effect May 2014 and unfortunately, the contract occurred during the busiest time of the PCS season, which had an adverse effect on vehicles arriving to port.

If you have recently PCS'd and your vehicle shipment did not arrive to its destination by the designated delivery date, you are authorized $30 with a maximum reimbursement of $210. This reimbursement must be claimed through the local comptroller office.

If the vehicle still does not arrive after the initial 7-day period, reimbursement for temporary lodging and rental car expenses must be claimed through IAL. For worse case scenarios, if the member's POV is lost or damaged, the government will offer the fair market value of the vehicle at the time of loss or $20,000, whichever is less.

Before you begin the process of packing your home, it is important to note that as of May 1, the allowances for professional books, papers, and equipment, also known as pro-gear, have changed. The new allowance is now limited to 2,000 pounds net weight. Pro-gear includes items such as reference materials, instruments and tools specific to technicians and mechanics, as well as specialized clothing such as diving suits, flying suits, and nurse uniforms.

The pro-gear allowance also extends to the member's spouse not to exceed 500 pounds. The gear must be required for employment or community support activities at the next duty station or a later destination.

On the road, keep in mind that gas and toll receipts are not eligible expenses to claim with Personal Property after a PCS, TDY move, separations or retirements. Personal Property is only authorized to file expenses for moving equipment such as dollies, moving trucks and weight ticket fees. Gas and toll receipts must be filed with the local finance office.

If you have recently retired or separated and are planning on storing your belongings with non-temp storage, entitlements last for the duration of an overseas tour and for a specified length of time when projected for separation or retirement.

The member is entitled to storage for up to six months after separating and up to one year after retiring. However, if the member receives approval to keep personal items in non-temp storage for longer than authorized, the government will only pay for the entitled six months or one year time frame.

The member is responsible for the cost of the extended storage period, ranging from $30 to $3000 a month.

For any questions regarding an upcoming PCS, or separation or retirement entitlements, please contact your Personal Property office at 575-784-4278.

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