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  • Veteran Upward Bound Program FAQ

    Soldier wearing glasses taking test.

    Veterans Upward Bound is a free U.S. Department of Education program designed to help you refresh your academic skills and give you the confidence you need to successfully complete your choice of college degrees. The VUB program services include: Basic skills development to help veterans successfully complete a high school equivalency program and gain admission to college education programs. Short-term remedial or refresher cl... more

  • What is "Know Before You Owe"?

    Student Loans

    The President's recent Executive Order to protect student veterans from predatory colleges and universities includes a requirement for schools to require  "Know Before You Owe" documentation, even if the student veteran does not apply for federal student aid. So, what is "Know Before You Owe"? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau started its “Know Before You Owe” initiative to make mortgage forms easy to understand and comparable. The nee... more

  • Army Tuition Assistance

    Soldier studies in a classroom

    The Army offers Soldiers several programs to support their education goals including 100% Tuition Assistance for college courses taken during off-duty hours. Soldiers eligible for TA must have successfully completed one year of service following graduation from Advanced Individual Training (AIT). All Soldiers must have ten years of service to receive graduate level TA if any portion of their undergraduate degree was paid through TA.  The Arm... more

  • 5 Money Management Mistakes


    It can be dizzying. And there's lots of hard-to-ignore noise on the periphery. No, I'm not talking about trying to work at home with the kids buzzing around. Instead, I'm talking about managing your investments. Peruse the paper, surf the Internet or turn on your TV and you'll be bombarded with "can't-miss opportunities" and gut-wrenching financial news that inevitably work their way into decisions you make on your investment portfolio. Trut... more

  • 5 Money Misconceptions

    Stacks of coins and pile of bills.

    Misconceptions abound. Everyone knows diamonds are formed by putting a lot of pressure on coal, right? Apparently not. But surely what I remember learning in elementary school about Lincoln abolishing slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation is true? Nope, that happened three years later with the passage of the 13th Amendment. My world of personal finance is also home to more than a few mistaken beliefs. Here are five I encounter regularly... more

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