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Whole Life Insurance That Grows

When planning a road trip, consider the distance, fuel costs, meals, etc., and reserve a contingency fund and extra time to allow for unforeseen occurrences, detours, delays, higher fuel costs, etc. Similarly, your life’s path can include a contingency plan for financial security, no matter what happens that cannot be controlled. 

The financial security that life insurance offers is a benefit to survivors when you die, and also a living benefit to you and your family through life. As life expectancy increases, it is essential to plan for retirement. We all need a retirement plan. However, in good and bad economic times, retirement planning tends to be delayed.

Like retirement, it is imperative that life insurance be a part of planning for life and its many twists and turns. As of 2009, the average lifetime expectancy beyond a retirement at 65 years of age is 17.3 years for men, and 20 years for women. Life’s path should include a contingency plan that provides a sound financial outcome.

While term life insurance is specific to a determined time period, whole life insurance can provide lifelong coverage, with cash value growth creating wealth, and financial flexibility. Individual life insurance policies are offered in two forms of protection – for a specific term (term life insurance), or for the insured policyholder’s entire life (whole life insurance). At Navy Mutual, we provide the best value in life insurance protection no matter which type of plan is chosen.

If considering a long-term financial path, you likely have some financial commitments that require frequent review, planning, and adjustments. You have earned a financial stake in life and want to build and protect it well into to the future. While you are still working and building a future, Navy Mutual can help by providing an interest-sensitive whole life insurance plan that combines tax-deferred cash growth with permanent life insurance. The Permanent ‘Plus’ Navy Mutual whole life insurance plan includes the following features:

  • Lifelong Premium Rates
  • Tax-Exempt, 1035 Exchange to Convert an Existing Permanent Life Insurance Policy
  • A Tax-Deferred Cash Value Savings Accumulation Invested for Long-Term Growth
  • 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee
  • Long-Term Care Settlement Option at No Cost
  • Completely Absent of Surrender Fees or Commissions
  • Availability for Applicants up to Age 75
  • May Borrow up to 75 Percent of Policy Value
  • Tax-free Death Benefit
  • Additional $20,000 Plan Purchase Available at Age 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45
  • Automatic Premium Loan Protects Plan from Lapsing
  • Plan Flexibility – Discounted Single Premium, Duration or Coverage Change, Assignment to an Individual or Trust, Conversion to an Annuity
“I've been with Navy Mutual for 30+ years. They have always provided the best life insurance products at the lowest cost, and best tax-deferred savings growth of any company I have ever known.”
-          Jim McClean, USN

Dependable quality service to our members is at the heart of why Navy Mutual whole life insurance continues to be the affordable, reliable, and preferred component of personal financial security. Get the right life path for you – contact a professional Navy Mutual life insurance representative to discuss which plan will provide you and your family with financial security. Visit us at, or call 800-628-6011.

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