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What motivated you to buy life insurance? Why choose AAFMAA?

AAFMAA has conducted surveys and focus groups in an attempt to understand the motivation and decision making habits of our members and non-members. We can never receive enough input and feedback on two questions:"What motivated you to buy life insurance?" and "Why did you choose AAFMAA?"

We know the basics. For some it was because they were deploying. Others would say it's because they got married, bought a house or had a child. Others tell us they felt a responsibility to provide financial security for their families if they were suddenly deceased.

Here is some information that we can share with you as a result of some focus groups held last year. One group included only AAFMAA members; the other did not. The AAFMAA group was markedly more financially savvy and concerned with their financial security and future, compared to the non-AAFMA members.

Additionally, the financially aware group discussed their finances with their parents or other trusted advisors and seemed open to listening and receiving advice from them. They were encouraged by their elders that it was the responsible thing to do.

We value your feedback and encourage you to drop us a note with your story. You can email your "AAFMAA story" to us at We promise to read each and every one.

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