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Veterans returning home from a tour (or several tours) in Afghanistan, Iraq, or other areas where terrorists live, sometimes have a difficult time getting out of operational threat mode.  Understanding that there is no threat at home is easy to say, but a challenge to live.  Building a normal life can take time, patience, and many days and nights of frustration. Here is an email from a reader who offered some assistance to her nephew after deploying for over a year recently. 

She writes:

Hello Stew. 

My nephew recently returned from active duty in the Army after a year in Afghanistan. When I asked him how it felt to be home, he had a troubling response: "I'm not really sure what comes next."

I started thinking about the unique challenges veterans often face after returning home from deployment. They may be starting college four years later than their friends, looking to get a fresh start in a new city, or returning with a physical or mental injury that affects their everyday lives. I did a little research and found some wonderful resources that could help our veterans get back on their feet after deployment. Can you share them? 


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PTSD Symptoms – What is PTSD?

Angela –

Thanks for caring.  There are many resources out there for veterans returning home.  They deserve the best care and treatment.  I hope these resources can help returning warriors ease back into civilian life and find their "new normal!"

Here are some others from the site as well:

Veteran Jobs – Finding work after serving.
Military Health and Wellness – Complete section on Veteran Health Issues.
Helping Vets Start and Grow Businesses – Help on being your own boss.

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