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Oct 2014 is your transition date, if that has changed update it today.
  • Finalize relocation appointments and review your benefits.
  • Arrange for inspection of government housing.
  • Choose a transitional healthcare plan - TAMP, an employer HMO, CHBCP, or CHAMPVA.

Veteran Employers

  • A+E Networks

    Working at A+E Networks

    A+E Networks strongly supports the hiring of our servicemen and women as they transition back into civilian life or seek career changes.
  • bankers 120x80

    Careers at Bankers

    With over 200 Branch Sales offices across the country, Bankers Life and Casualty has more than 4,800 agents who live and work in the communities they serve.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb logo

    We Appreciate Your Service

    Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to hiring the extraordinary men and women who have acquired valuable skills and expertise in the selfless service of protecting our nation.

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transitioning Soldier holds beret

All military personnel transitioning out of the service go through the same fundamental stages.

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What is the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and how can it help you? We break down the TAP process.

A transitioning servicemember searches for jobs.

Vets may be bewildered by their new autonomy. Breaking the process down into steps is key to job-hunting success.

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Military Skills Translator

Translate your military skills, experience and training to find career opportunities that best align with your capabilities.

Successful Military Transition

Transitioning from military to civilian life can seem like a daunting task. Here are seven tips a successful military transition.
Ex-DoD Cop's Case Shows Murky Reality for PTSD Sufferers

PTSD and Transition

If you think you may be suffering from PTSD, the following list of resources and information will help you find help in dealing with PTSD and related conditions.
Air Force Combat Controllers

The New Battle - Finding a Job

What happens to operational types when they face leaving the military due to retirement, drawdown, medical or early out?
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How can you reduce the stress associated with finding employment? Follow these tips for setting goals and answering questions.

Fort Benning Command Sgt. Maj. Chris Hardy takes notes during the Army Career and Alumni Program's three-day Transition Assistance Program workshop on Wednesday in McGinnis-Wickam Hall, Building 4.

A veteran who made the transition to a successful civilian career offers some tips.

Terry Howell, author of The Military Advantage

In this video podcast, Military.com benefits expert Terry Howell explains why the best transition plans are the ones made the soonest.

Featured Advice

Before you can interview with and go to work for any organization, you must first find someone there who is willing to go to bat for you.

A veteran who recruits veterans for companies has three pieces of advice for job seekers.

In order to stand out in a sea of resumés hitting the hiring manager’s desk, today’s job applicant needs to take ownership of the value they are promoting before focusing on the words on the resumé.

To be effective in business, veterans need to translate the essence of their military to make their employers, and by extension their careers, better.

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