What Is a Navy Ombudsman?

The Navy Family Ombudsman Program was created in 1970. Today, the Ombudsmen Program is made up of spouses (male and female), but they can also be parents or even active duty members through a waiver process, when a command is not able to find a spouse. Navy families can turn to these volunteers on a range of issues; from information from the command -- especially during deployments, to advice on family issues, or even where to get the best deals on household needs in town. Navy Ombudsmen go through an initial training (16 hours of it) and then are offered monthly online training and local classes to aide in their mission and keep up-to-date on emerging issues. If you are interested in volunteering as a Navy Ombudsman, contact your servicemember's command or the local Fleet and Family Support Center's ombudsman coordinator at the Fleet and Family Support Program website at www.ffsp.navy.mil.

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