Tips for Job Fairs Success

Here are tips on how to succeed at job fairs: (1) be selective. For example, if you have a geographic focus then target job fairs being held in that location; (2) be realistic. The job fair interview is just the first step — a door opener; (3) be prepared. Try to obtain a list of the attending organizations in advance of the job fair; (4) dress as if you were going to a formal interview and wear appropriate business attire; (5) be selective. Select the companies that interest you and prioritize your list; (6) be patient. Expect to spend some time standing in line; (7) be memorable. Establish rapport with the recruiter or interviewer; (8) be self-confident; (9) be friendly; (10) be diligent. Sending a letter that expresses you gratitude and/or interest is very important; and (11) once the job fair is over, take a few minutes to analyze the results.

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