Print & Post: Week of January 26, 2015

Tax Credit for Wisconsin Vets

The Wisconsin Veterans & Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit provides eligible veterans and unremarried surviving spouses a refundable property tax credit for their primary in-state residence. The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs verifies the veteran's eligibility for the program. The credit is administered by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue through the state income tax return. For more information, visit the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs website or contact your county veterans service officer.

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TRICARE and Taxes

For the first time, U.S. citizens, including service members, military retirees and their family members, must report their health care coverage on their 2014 taxes, which must meet minimum essential coverage. TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Standard, TRICARE for Life, TRICARE Overseas, TRICARE Remote and the Uniformed Services Family Health Plan meet the minimum essential coverage. When purchased, premium-based plan such as TRICARE Reserve Select or TRICARE Retired Reserve also fulfill the act's requirements. For more information about TRICARE, the act and the individual coverage mandate, download the fact sheet on the TRICARE ( website and see ( this article.

TRICARE Live Well Webinar

To help increase awareness about the Department of Defense Operation Live Well initiative, the Military Health System and Military OneSource will co-host a webinar on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, noon to 1:00 p.m. EST. To register, visit ( this site. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited due to system capacity. Participants must avoid sharing personal health information when asking a question. For more information on the initiative, visit the ( Operation Live Well website.

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USMC Female Dress Blue Survey

Marine Corps Systems Command will conduct a traveling survey regarding the new prototype female dress blue coat and improved dress/service cover from Jan. 23 to Feb. 27. The survey team is scheduled to travel to different Marine Corps installations to conduct a limited user evaluation. The planned dates and locations for the on-site surveys is available on the ( Marine Corps website. There will also be an ( online survey that will be open to all Marines between Jan. 23 and Feb. 27. The results of the survey will be used as recommendations for potential changes.

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Live Streaming of Legion Events

The American Legion will stream several major 2015 events live, free of charge, on ( The live streaming schedule is available on the ( American Legion website. After the live stream, the events will be available for playback under the "On Demand" tab.

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Navy COMPTUEX Exercise

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Laboon (DDG 58) is halfway through Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) with the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (TRCSG) in preparation for an upcoming scheduled deployment. Laboon left Naval Station Norfolk Jan. 6, and its crew has stayed busy with exercises involving visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS), routine flight operations, electronic warfare and counter-targeting. Laboon is scheduled to finish COMPTUEX in early February, following the successful completion of operational training evolutions, such as scheduled live-fire exercises. Join the conversation with Laboon on ( Facebook.

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Tax Services Discount for Service Members

TurboTax is extending a new ( military discount to all US active duty military and reservists. Military ranks E-1 through E-5 can file both federal and state taxes for free online with TurboTax Federal Free Edition or Deluxe or $5 off other online federal products. Senior enlisted personal E-6 to officer can also save with $5 off all 2014 TurboTax online federal products. For additional details, see this ( blog post.

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VA and U.S. Tennis Partnership

The Department of Veterans Affairs is partnering with the U.S. Tennis Association Foundation, Inc., to make exercise more readily available to VA patients. The VA/USTA Foundation partnership will facilitate the formation of tennis clinics at VA medical facilities, link VA medical facilities with community resources and provide consulting and design services for VA facilities interested in upgrading or building tennis courts. The USTA Foundation will support VA in the form of coaching, instruction, equipment or use of courts or other technical assistance to sustain a tennis clinic. For more information on other USTA programs, visit the USTA website at (

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VA Sponsors Google Hangout

Do not miss the opportunity to hear from veterans like you as they discuss their transition experiences during the #ExploreVA Google Hangout at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, Jan. 28. The event will be available on the ( #ExploreVA Google Hangout webpage.

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Online Tutoring Resources

Two online programs -- SOAR and -- are available to assist military-connected students with math and reading skills and getting homework assistance through tutoring. Student Online Achievement Resources (SOAR) provides online math and reading practice. Through the interactive tutorials provided by SOAR, students experience an online interactive lesson, followed by the opportunity to practice a specific, targeted skill. Schools participating in SOAR at ( usually provide parents and students the user name and password to the website. ( Study Strong, through, allows students, grades K-12, to work 24/7 with an online tutor to get help with homework, studying, test preparation and resume writing. For more information, contact your school or school liaison office.

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AAFES Extra App

Military shoppers now have a new way to connect with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service through its free Exchange Extra app. The app gives shoppers quick access to information on the latest Exchange promotions, contests, coupons, BE FIT information and more. The free app is available at the ( App Store for Apple products or Google Play for ( Android devices.

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Featured Benefit: Navy College Degrees

The Navy College Program for Afloat College Education (NCPACE) is offered to officer and enlisted Sailors assigned to ships and deployable commands (Type 2 and 4 duty) to provide undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities on par with those available to Sailors on shore duty. With tuition funded at 100 percent, students are responsible only for the cost of textbooks and related materials. Commands must have an active NCPACE program for Sailors to participate. To sign up for NCPACE, Sailors should contact their unit ESO or servicing Navy College Office. For more information on the Navy College Program, visit the ( Navy College Program website.

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VA Denver Med Center Update

The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a statement on the Denver Replacement Medical Center, with the focus on completing construction of the replacement center without further delay. The statement is available ( online.

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Up to 50% Off Resume Service

Career Perfect is offering members up to a 50% discount off its Resume Writing service. The service is designed to assist job-seekers of all types, including service members transitioning out of the military, military spouses looking to showcase their skills and knowledge, or individuals looking to the federal government as their next employer. ( Learn more.

The Latest Army Promotion List

The Army has announced that for February 2015, 3,723 advancements to the ranks of sergeant through sergeant major have been authorized -- the largest number since January 2014, when almost 4,000 soldiers were promoted. For the full list, visit ( this article.

AF "Life and Fitness" Online

The new Air Force Fitness Management System (AFFMS II) is now up and accessible via the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Secure Application. AFFMS II enables Airmen to review their fitness history and records through July, 2010. AFFMS II features more stringent security controls to protect members' information from unauthorized changes. To access AFFMS II, visit the AFPC secure application and click on AFFMS II or visit the ( Air Force Portal, select "Life and Fitness," and then select AFFMS II from the drop down menu. For more information about the fitness management system and other personnel issues, visit ( myPers.

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Navy Bees to Badges

A new program called Bees to Badges will provide Seabees the opportunity for conversion to master-at-arms (MA) prior to their Career Waypoints Reenlistment (C-WAY) window. This rate conversion opportunity will be available for all active duty Seabees; however, it will focus on select ratings, year groups and will be managed closely by the community managers. ECMs currently intend to open this opportunity to all Seabee rates, targeting YGs 2012 and 2003-2008. The target number for fiscal year (FY) 15 is 30-35 Seabees and for FY 16 it increases to 90-110. For more information, visit the ( Navy Personnel Command's Seabees webpage.

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Tactical Fitness with Stew Smith: Combat Swimmer Stroke

Former SEAL and fitness instructor Stew Smith breaks down the basics for an effective combat swimmer stroke this week in's fitness section. For tips on better form and a video demo, visit the ( Fitness Center.

A Soldier's Best Friend

Soldier's Best Friend provides U.S. military veterans living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with service or therapeutic companion dogs, most of which are rescued from local shelters. The veteran and dog train together to build a trusting relationship that saves two lives at once. For more information, visit the Soldier's Best Friend website at ( and watch the ( Fox 10 Phoenix YouTube video.

TRICARE Doesn't Cover All Expenses - Get Coverage Now

Doctor and hospital bills are expensive even when you're covered by TRICARE. Help minimize or even eliminate out-of-pocket expenses with the ( MBA-sponsored TRICARE Insurance Supplement Plan.

Officers: MOAA Wants You. Join Now.

( Join MOAA as a Basic member -- you'll not only lend your voice to a greater cause, but you'll also gain access to extensive benefits tailored to the needs and lifestyles of military officers.

New BAH Rates Hit Housing Residents

Families living in privatized military housing units will not escape the impact of moves Congress made last month to dampen the value of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). The result will be that families moving into privatized base housing will begin to pay rent that is one-percent higher than their monthly BAH, and could be 3 percent higher by 2017 and have the burden of paying renters insurance. ( Read the Military Update top learn the full impact on military housing residents.

It's Your Duty to Protect Your Family: $300k Coverage from $21 a Month

Family Protection for less. Get $300,000 Coverage from just $21 a Month. ( Could your family survive if something happened to you?

Your 2015 VA Loan Benefit is Ready to Use

Now is the time to use your VA Loan. Rates are near historic lows and you don't have to pay PMI or have a large down payment. Plus you can get financing up to $417,000. ( Use your VA Loan Benefit today.

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Boots to Business in Huntsville

The Women's Business Center of North Alabama is gearing up for Boots to Business, a program of the U.S. Small Business Administration offered as a component of the Department of Defense Transition Assistance Program (TAP). The two-day event will take place Jan. 27-28. Attendees will learn the basics of entrepreneurship and how to develop a successful business plan. The course will be offered from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m. Both days at Redstone Arsenal One-Stop in building 3494 on Honest John Road in Huntsville. For information, contact Betty Anderson at 256-842-2719 or ( To register for the program, visit the WBCNA website at (

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Vet Entrepreneur Program in Philly

St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pa. is launching a program to provide disabled veterans with education and resources to start their own business. The program will be overseen by the newly formed Office of Veterans Services, and provided at no cost to eligible participants. The intensive, three-part program will begin March 10 with an eight-week online course to provide veterans with a foundation in business fundamentals and guidance in developing a business plan. The second phase is a seven-day residency, beginning April 26. The third part of the program is a six-month mentorship, with access to complimentary support services. Applications are being accepted at the St. Joseph's website at ( through Feb. 6.

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Health Care Coverage and Tax Returns

You can meet the health care coverage reporting requirement under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as easily as checking a box on your Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. The IRS has released clarifying information in publication 5187, "Health Care Law: What's New for Individuals & Families" at ( This publication provides information about some of the tax requirements of the ACA. Other ACA-related publications and tax forms are available at ( If you, and your dependents, have TRICARE or Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB) Plan coverage, all you have to do to is "self-attest" you had coverage on your 2014 tax return.

Basics for Job Hunting and Personal Finance

After recent discussions with several recruiting and human resources professionals, the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) has some tips on how to make a successful career transition strategy while maintaining financial readiness. For a full list of these tips as well as an update on a webinar to help you prepare yourself financially for a civilian job, see ( this article.

Digital Service Jobs at VA

The Digital Service is a new technical team within the Department of Veterans Affairs focused on serving veterans. The Digital Service needs a variety of employees including software engineers, designers, and operations, with specific interest in those with experience in building high-performing engineering teams from scratch, migrating from legacy systems to modern infrastructure, and healthcare technology. Become a founding member of the Digital Service. Apply today at (

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Summit on Licensing and Credentialing

The American Legion is hosting its National Credentialing Summit in Washington at the Mayflower Hotel on Feb. 17-18. The invitation-only event will bring together more than 200 key executives and lawmakers from across America to focus on best practices for helping veterans and transitioning service members get credentials for civilian jobs. The summit will showcase panels of experts from the private sector, nonprofits, the military, federal agencies and other organizations, and feature guest speakers. The summit will be held in the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel at 1127 Connecticut Ave. NW in Washington, DC. For more details, see ( this article.

Sponsored Discount: Military Families Save Extra 10% on Select PCs & Tablets

Because Dell appreciates everything you do for us, they would like to invite you to take advantage of exclusive military discounts on Dell PCs featuring 4th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) processors, electronics and so much more. ([CACHEBUSTER]) Whether you're at home or abroad, Soldiers save big with Dell.

DoD Seeks to Curb Suicide Rate

A new study has found that recent veterans have committed suicide at a much higher rate than people who never served in the military. The rate was slightly higher among veterans who never deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq, suggesting that the causes extend beyond the trauma of war. The new analysis, which will be published in the February issue of the Annals of Epidemiology, included all 1,282,074 veterans who served in active-duty units between 2001 and 2007 and left the military during that period. Among veterans in the current study, there was one suicide a day. The rates were highest during the first three years out of the military.

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Google Virtual Ship Tour

Google Maps recently published a complete 360-degree virtual experience of USS Constitution. Google Maps photographed the ship in fall 2014 to create an online 360-degree virtual experience of touring Constitution in preparation for the ship's scheduled dry dock restoration period, which begins in March 2015. The virtual tour allows the public to view and experience the ship as she traditionally looks, fully-rigged at her berth at pier 1 in Charlestown Navy Yard. The USS Constitution is the world's oldest commissioned warship afloat. To visit USS Constitution in Google Maps Street View, click on the USS Constitution photograph at " ( U.S. Highlights" at ( Google.

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