Navy to Offer Same-sex Partner Benefits

The Department of Defense announced the extension of benefits to same-sex partners to ensure fairness and equal treatment to the extent allowable under law on Feb. 11. The U.S. Navy will begin offering these benefits no later than Oct. 1. To qualify, Sailors and their same-sex domestic partner will be required to sign a Declaration of Domestic Partnership, which is similar to that in use by other federal agencies. Servicemembers will file the declaration at their PSD, where a DD Form 1173 ("dependent" ID card) will then be issued allowing access to benefits. Children of same-sex domestic partners will also qualify for the ID card and benefits. Benefit information and updates to policy on benefits for same-sex partners and families will be posted as they become available on Navy's Don't Ask Don't Tell Post Repeal website on Navy Personnel Command's web page under Support and Services.

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