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  • man in repose at arlington cemetery
    National Cemeteries
    Just what does burial in a National Cemetery involve?
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    Military Retiree Casualty DOs and DON'Ts
    Help avoid delays in assistance and the unpleasant issues that may arise when dealing with the loss of a loved one.
  • Coast Guard funeral 600x400
    Military Funerals: Honoring the Honorable
    Active duty members, Selected Reserve, and honorably discharged veterans qualify for military honors at their funeral.
  • Military Funeral Folding Flag
    Military Funeral Honors
    Military Funeral Honors are available for an eligible veteran, free of charge, if requested by the family.
  • Arlington Cemetery section 64
    Memorial Plots
    For a veteran whose remains aren't available for burial VA will provide a plot and headstone or marker in a national cemetery.

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Blue Star Markers

The organization National Garden Clubs, Inc. serves as the lifeline for the miles and miles of Blue Star Memorial markers in America that serve as living tribute to the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. Since the program began over 70 years ago, more than 3,000 Blue Star markers of all three types have been dedicated across the country. Often, one or more Federation of Garden Club Districts collaborates on acquiring the markers and maintaining them in perpetuity. Often a memorial garden is planted with the Blue Star markers. After each marker is installed, the club conducts a dedication ceremony inviting the public. For more information, visit the National Garden Clubs, Inc. website.

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