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Avoid the Common Govt Travel Card Mistakes

Here are tips to avoid common mistakes when using the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC). Do not use the GTCC: (1) to exceed the allowable daily meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) rate; (2) to make non-travel related purchases; (3) for personal expenses associated with "leave in conjunction with official travel;" (4) to take cash advances from the ATM more than three working days before scheduled departure date; (5) to pay for meals for spouse/family/friends; (6) after the time the TDY terminates; and (7) at establishments or for purposes that are inconsistent with the official business of Department of Defense (DoD). Also, do not claim: (1) mileage when driving a rental car or when you are a passenger; (2) fuel expenses when driving a POV; (3) the full meal rate when a portion or all meals are provided. Finally, do not allow the monthly bill to become overdue— submit travel voucher within five days of travel.

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