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Army to Field XM17 Handgun

In November, the XM17 handgun (Modular Handgun System or MHS) will instead be called the M17. At that time, the Army will issue some 2,000 of the pistols to the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The 101st Airborne will be the first in a long line of units to receive the new 9mm pistol, which is meant as a replacement for the existing M9, which is quickly approaching the end of its useful service life. Also among the first to receive the new pistol will be the 3rd Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood, Texas, as well as one of the Army's new security force assistance brigades. Also, despite some reports to the contrary, the Army is still looking for a new rifle that uses a 7.62mm cartridge. For more details, visit's KitUp! blog.

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