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Army Spouse Needs Kidney

Army wife Tawanna Clapp spends 21 hours a week on dialysis. She has the kidney disease focal glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and needs a new kidney. Tawanna has A-positive blood that means her donor must have the blood type of either A-positive or A-negative or O-positive or negative. If a donor kidney can be found, the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix will do the procedure. Qualifications for a living donor at the Mayo Clinic include: 18 years or older, blood type compatible, no major medical problems, no active or chronic infections, no active drug or alcohol abuse and acceptable height and body weight ratio. The screening process, which initially can be done over the phone, will help answer these questions for a potential donor. If interested in donating, contact the living kidney donor team at the Mayo Clinic Transplant Center at 480.342.1010 or For more information, read the article on the U. S. Army website.

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