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AF Humanitarian Reassignment and Deferment Program

The Humanitarian Reassignment and Deferment Program, run by the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), assists active-duty Airmen in resolving severe, short-term problems involving a family member while Airmen continue to meet the needs of the Air Force. A reassignment or deferment is a one-time action to resolve a critical problem with a family member, normally 12 within months. The definition of 'family member' is limited to spouse, child, parents, or other persons actually residing in the household who are dependent on the Airman for more than half of their financial support. For more information, Airmen can chat with a personnel specialist live on myPers. Click on the Humanitarian/EFMP link under 'Assignment Programs' on the active-duty myPers Assignment landing page, hover the mouse cursor for 30 seconds and a chat window will appear.

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