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  • When Can Teenagers Start Lifting Weights?

    How To Gain Weight For Muscles

    There are few topics that cause as much conflict between myth and fact as climate change, but this one comes really close:  at what age should a pre-teen or early teenager start lifting weights?  Will lifting weights stunt the growth of a teenager?  If you research the topic online, you will see many opinions like "it may stunt growth," but you will not find any scientific research that backs them up. But, you will find many scientific st... more

  • Stew’s Favorites: Calisthenics / Weight Training

    How to Lift Weights Safely

    Here is a different type of 50–50 split workout we like to do in October as we slowly transition from higher rep calisthenics and move into more weight training programs to build strength and power. The term 50–50 refers to the workout being about 50% calisthenics and 50% weight training. This is one of our new workouts we created this Fall. Related articles are periodization, Preparing for the Tactical Fitness Test Weight Room Burpee /​ Ru... more

  • Advice on Over-​​Training

    Achieve Muscle Definition Without Overdoing It

    For years, I have written about and discussed the fine line between training for Special Ops type programs and over-​​training. But until recently, I realized I forgot one very important piece of information: TELL OTHERS AROUND YOU THE SYMPTOMS OF OVER-​​TRAINING. Because, you will not notice it until it is too late (typically). Even though, over-​​training is actually hard to do by just training — it is easy to see symptoms pop up occasiona... more

  • Getting the Bigger Bench

    Getting the Bigger Bench

    Been stuck at 185 on your bench press for what seems like decades and looking to finally crack 200? Well, no promises... ...but these 4 powerful little mental "tricks" COULD help you add an immediate 20% more to your bench press and break a new personal record! BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #1 Focus on your BODY...not the BAR! When you're benching, try to actually push your BODY away from the bar...NOT the bar away from your body. This trick work... more

  • How Breathing Can Create 20% More Power

    How Breathing Can Create 20% More Power

    How Your BREATHING Can Create 20% More Power in the Gym! Chances are, when it comes to how you've been taught to breathe during your weight training, you were advised to EXHALE throughout the concentric portion of an exercise (this is the phase of the repetition when you are pushing or pulling the weight, contracting the muscles, such as pushing the weight UP during the bench press). But what if I told you that doing the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of... more

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