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  • Calories in and Calories Out: Is it That Simple?

    Chow line.

    I have used the phrase calories in, calories out when discussing weight loss as a very general statement when describing weight loss, food intake, and exercise. It is a very basic tool to explain that if you eat a cookie, it takes 20 minutes to walk off that cookie – there is a price with everything you eat when it comes to losing weight.  This overly-simplified equation does not explain that the type of calories we consume can cause ea... more

  • Why Pumping Iron Isn't Your Best Hope For Shedding Pounds

    How To Gain Weight For Muscles

    We enjoy pumping iron as much as the next guy. That said, traditional weightlifting does not burn fat as effectively as, say, running or rowing. And fat, not muscle, is precisely what you want to burn when trying to lose weight. Let's start with a quick biology lesson. There are two primary sources of fuel from which our bodies extract energy when exercising: Energy from carbohydrate, which is stored as glycogen in our muscle an... more

  • The Three Biggest Mistakes Overweight Americans Make with Weight Loss

    Service member weighing themselves.

    Do you know the three biggest mistakes overweight Americans make with physical fitness and weight loss that kill their results? If you want to get fit and lose weight at the same time and avoid the physical fitness and weight loss mistakes that stop most people dead in their tracks, read this immediately: Mistake #1: Nutrition and Fitness Combination:  People will start exercising but neglect their nutrition. After a certain age, you c... more

  • Getting Over a Weight-Loss Plateau

    Airman 1st Class Schyler Turpin measures an airman's waist during a physical training evaluation at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. Photo by Senior Airman Tabatha Zarrella

    Often, soldiers and their loved ones make fitness goals before deployment in order to surprise friends and family upon their return. There are many stories of spouses losing significant weight during a deployment, but this is the story of a soldier taking advantage of some down time on the forward operating base (FOB) to lose weight – a challenging goal of 100lbs. Getting stuck on the weight loss slide can occur in the last 25% of the go... more

  • Lose Weight /​ Get Fit to Serve

    How To Lose Your Love Handles

    As the Military Gets Pickier With Recruiting, showing up to see your local recruiter out of shape, overweight, and/​or with less than average ASVAB scores will quickly crush your dreams of serving. During the past 15 years of writing about military fitness, this is not a new problem (overweight /​ out of shape recruits), however in a period of downsizing, the military has the ability to select only those who are ready to go and fully qualified... more

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