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Ease Into Your New Year

Ease Into Your New Year

I have been reading about a minimalist movement hitting the country, all about only owning 100 things. Most of us can't commit to that with children and spouses who like toys, jewelry and technology this season, but we can bring it into our lives individually by shopping less, de-cluttering our homes and lives, and simplifying our workouts!

Less is more when it comes to your fitness routine. I, for one, am sick of products like the Shake-Weight, all those machines that take up too much room and only slim your wallet, and fitness classes that combine rollerblading, trampolines, hoops, balance boards, swords, kettle bells, metal pipes and stripper poles...and that\'s just the warm-up!

I also find that all this complexity scares off people to would like to start a fitness routine but are intimidated by all the clutter. This year, resolve to easing your way into a workout. Try out a yoga-for-beginners class, or a simple muscle sculpting class that uses just your body weight or just free weights. There is a reason that biceps curls are still around - they work your biceps well!

It is OK to add a squat to a shoulder press if you can do them together and save time (multitasking), but lets not get crazy and overdo our entry into the New Year with a lot of "tools" and "techniques" that can end up hurting you and costing your hard-earned money this year. Besides that, who wants to buy a DVD or take a class where you feel like the most out-of-shape and uncoordinated fool in town?

Moves to EASE into an EASY fitness routine for your first month of 2011 should include: jogging, walking, biking, stepping, triceps dips off a chair or bench, push-ups, biceps curls, upper back rows, low back extensions, biceps curls, shoulder overhead presses, squats, lunges, calf lifts, crunches, twisting crunches, and middle and side planks. These moves are so simple most of you know what they are before seeing photos. If you'd like some photos (I know, back flys might sound complicated, but they aren't) then email me at for the photos. My free 5 minute stretch video is at

So declutter your life and fitness routine this year. Just sweat, get some cardio, build some muscles and stretch. Less is more, and maybe the scale will tell you that too!

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Nikki Fitness is a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, writer and publicist living in New York City. She started as a cheerleader at Syracuse University, but became certified in fitness before her beach wedding so that she could get back in shape. Laura, a graduate student, working mom, and military wife, inspired Nikki\'s Military Wife Workout (MWW) for all military wives. Find more articles by Nikki at her article archive. Learn more at For more Nikki Fitness blogs, visit her blog archive.

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