Spouse and Family Fitness

  • Fitness Program for New Moms
    Fitness Program for New Moms
    Stars and Stripes|
    Ten months and 35 pounds after her last workout, Spc. Claudia Diaz showed up Wednesday at Yongsan Garrison's Trent Gym for her ...
  • Importance Of Sleep Image
    The Importance of Sleep
    The best training plans will not work if sleep and nutrition are neglected.
  • Reducing Your Blood Pressure
    Reducing Your Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure or hypertension is basically a circulatory problem that is an increase in pressure in your veins and arteri...
  • Can You Quit Smoking?
    Can You Quit Smoking?
    Stew Smith
    Are you trying to quit smoking? Have you attempted to start up a workout program but just cannot start a cessation program for ...
  • Fit Fitness Into Your Life
    Fit Fitness into Your Life
    Do you really not have enough time in your day to exercise? Too many times people say, "I need to exercise but I do not have en...
  • Fitness For Kids
    Fitness for Kids
    America's children are overweight. Why? Because WE are!