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Navy SEAL Fitness Prep

Navy SEAL Fitness Prep

I received similar emails from two young men under 22 years of age, both seeking fitness preparation information for military and law enforcement occupations. The problem with many younger (and older) Americans is that the current fitness/health conditions they maintain are not good enough to ensure success at a military boot camp or a law enfor... more

Tactical Fitness with Stew Smith: Fins and Booties in BUD/S?


Stew – I have a few questions about diving fins, booties, and the best way to swim using them. I bought dive boots and dive socks to wear with my fins. Is this how they do it at BUD/S? The boots made it much harder for me to get a good kick. With just the sock I was much better and swam 45 seconds per 50m. Will I be allowed to wear just th... more

Tactical Fitness: PST Training and BUD/S Fitness

Tactical Fitness: BUD/S log carry

Stew, I have a question about preparing for BUD/S after you pass the PST and get your contract.  I contracted SEAL back earlier this year on my first PST.  My PST scores are Swim 500yds - 9:00/pushups - 90/situps - 85/pullups - 20/ Run 1.5 mile - 9:20-9:45. I have recently switched my training over to focusing on BUD/S specific traini... more

Tactical Fitness: How Much is Too Much?

Tactical Fitness: Pushup count.

Here is a great question about pre- military training for special ops-world fitness levels.  This young man is preparing for what will be very tough physically and mentally – SEAL Training.  The days are physically grinding and all candidates get to a point where they have to dig deep mentally to keep pushing themselves physically. So, the... more

How to Join Naval Special Operations

How to Join Naval Special Operations

Do you think you have what is takes to become a member of Naval Special Warfare or Special Operations? You have several choices now! As of October 2006, the Navy changed the way SEAL Teams, SEAL recruits, and all the branches of Naval Special Warfare/Operations do business. Now, SEAL enlisted personnel no longer have to select Source ratings (i.... more

Navy Training for Teens

Navy Training for Teens

Here is an email I receive often from young teenagers who know they want to serve their country, but are curious how to start preparing themselves for the military training - especially Navy SEAL and other Navy programs like aviation and of course learning seamanship. Mr. Smith, I am 15 years old and have wanted to be in the Navy since I was 10... more

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