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  • Military Fitness Archive

    Military Fitness Article Archives

    This is a one-stop shop article to better help peopleĀ findĀ information on specific fitness topics in the Fitness Center. Here you will find fitness requirements for each service and tips on improving your fitness scores. Military Fitness - General Topics - PFT Preparation - Law Enforcement Fitness - Military Workouts - Special Operations Fitness - Nutrition Tips - Running and Cardio - Fitness Equipment - Weight Training ... more

  • How Military Fitness Changed My Life

    How Military Fitness Changed My Life

    Tyler, the fifteen year-old son of a friend of mine, asked me a question for a school project,"How has military fitness changed/affected your life?" Leave it to the next generation to come up with the best questions. Tyler, this is for you pal... ...the short answer is military fitness shaped who I am today, and I don't just mean literally regarding my appearance, I mean my attitude, which is a factor of ten times more important than anything... more

  • Military Fitness: Racing an Ironman

    It is not news that most military members are athletes to some degree. Fitness tests are part of protocol in the military, and the discipline to not just complete, but excel is engrained from day one. Veteran Liz McLean has some tips about your military training can help prepare you for Ironman (IM) triathlons. Read her post, which includes ten areas in the world of IM that relate to military service. more

  • Hydrating for Both Performance and Life

    Soldier drinking water out of a canteen

    If you have ever been dehydrated, you know the pain, lethargy, and general inability to function it normally induces. Illness can lead to this level of dehydration, but so can long days in the heat, sports practice, manual labor, or military missions. Having enough water in your day is important to staying hydrated, obviously. But, it isn't just lack of water that makes you feel less than optimal; loss of electrolytes contributes the m... more

  • DoD Hospitals to Take on More Challenging Cases

    The Department of Defense will ask Congress for new authorities to funnel more challenging cases into military treatment facilities, a move aimed at sustaining wartime specialty skills and overall medical readiness. The effort to enrich the patient mix, particularly for inpatient care, will focus on treating more elderly patients, more veterans with complex conditions who might otherwise be ineligible for on-base care, and more military retire... more

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