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    Military Fitness Archive
    This is a one-stop article to better help people find information on specific fitness topics in the Military.com Fitness Center.
  • How Military Fitness Changed My Life
    How Military Fitness Changed My Life
    Tyler, the fifteen year-old son of a friend of mine, asked me a question for a school project,"How has military fitness changed...
  • Military Fitness: Racing an Ironman
    It is not news that most military members are athletes to some degree. Fitness tests are part of protocol in the military, and ...
  • Army PT Training
    How to Crush Military Fitness Tests
    To enter into the military and every six months, members must pass the fitness test. Depending upon the branch of service, the ...
  • Soldier drinking water out of a canteen
    Hydrating for Both Performance and Life
    Stew Smith
    If you have ever been dehydrated, you know the pain, lethargy, and general inability to function it normally induces.