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  • Military Fitness: Racing an Ironman

    It is not news that most military members are athletes to some degree. Fitness tests are part of protocol in the military, and the discipline to not just complete, but excel is engrained from day one. Veteran Liz McLean has some tips about your military training can help prepare you for Ironman (IM) triathlons. Read her post, which includes ten areas in the world of IM that relate to military service. more

  • DoD Hospitals to Take on More Challenging Cases

    The Department of Defense will ask Congress for new authorities to funnel more challenging cases into military treatment facilities, a move aimed at sustaining wartime specialty skills and overall medical readiness. The effort to enrich the patient mix, particularly for inpatient care, will focus on treating more elderly patients, more veterans with complex conditions who might otherwise be ineligible for on-base care, and more military retire... more

  • Military Fitness: 10 Tips to Cut the Carbs

    The near immediate results of dropping simple sugars from your diet far outweigh the cravings you may have when you initially start decreasing or eliminating them. You have to treat them like a drug that you are addicted to. You will always want sugar, especially for the first 48-72 hours, but that want will decrease significantly in a few days. In his latest article, fitness columnist Stew Smith provides more reasons why we shoul... more

  • Military Fitness: 3 Methods to Build Muscle Mass

    One of the most common mistakes beginner bodyweight enthusiasts make is to think increasing their repetitions will increase the size of their muscles. They set goals like, "I'll do 100 pushups in a row," and think they'll develop a strong muscular chest in the process. That's not how it works. For three top methods from a fitness expert for building muscle size using only bodyweight exercises, see this article. For more military-... more

  • Lawmakers Noncommittal on Military Retirement and Health Care Changes

    President Obama and members of Congress on Thursday were quick to praise the Military Compensation and Retirement Commission for its report -- two years in the making -- but are holding off on saying what recommendations may get passed into law. The commission laid out 15 recommendations that included overhauling the Defense Department's retirement and health care systems. It even offered a new retirement system that would enroll service membe... more

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