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  • What to do When You Cannot do Normal?

    Swimming backstroke.

    Over the past month we have had a few members of our local workout group miss workouts for a variety of reasons.  Illness, wisdom teeth pulled, and PRK laser eye surgery were some of the reasons.  These are legitimate reasons to miss workouts, but you can still do something to help yourself with other aspects of fitness and health before you return to your routine.  Sleep = Recovery As you know, the workout is not what makes your strong... more

  • Adding Extra Tasks to Tactical Fitness Routines

    The Push-up Push Workout

    Tactical Fitness is a bit different than your average workout.  Here's a way to work hard, perform certain skills under physical stress, and get a good workout that will help you in fitness testing and performance. In this particular workout, we will tie knots since it's a skill needed in many tactical professions. It's also an actual test performed underwater during SEAL training.  As you advance, hold your breath while tying the knots.... more

  • Workouts: Reverse Pyramid #2

    PT Pyramid

    The Reverse Pyramid is a highly versatile method of creating a full-body workout plan. Here is another arrangement of exercises using the Reverse Pyramid from 20-1. This is a fairly advanced workout plan but you can adjust to fit a more intermediate level by resorting to pulldowns once you fail at pull-ups; replace the TRX with regular pushups or plank poses for rollouts, and use light weights for the lifting sections: See workout cycl... more

  • Training in the Heat of the Summer — Any Tips?

    Staying cool

    Training in the summer months takes some special consideration especially if you live in a hot and humid environment like the South, East Coast and Midwest. However, training in arid and hot environments like the Southwest and Western U.S. require the same considerations. Dryer climates can actually be more dangerous as you do not sweat to stay cool (it just evaporates almost instantly) — but you will notice salt stains on clothing just the sa... more

  • Weekly Workout Lightening the Load

    The Best Shoulder Workout

    People are starting to comment on the weekly workouts posted here lately. Here is an email from a gentleman who calls me out on the intensity level of the workouts: Stew,   I see you are posting some pretty tough workouts on How about something for the average guy – not going to be a Special Ops guy, but someone doing fitness to stay healthy and simply look and feel better?  –Jack Roger that! I read you. Sorry about th... more

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