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  • GotoWorkout600
    Top 10 GO-TO Workout Plans|
    We all have that favorite workout that is the GO-TO plan when you miss your normal workout. Here are some I have used over the ...
  • Getting Fit on a Budget
    Getting Fit on a Budget|
    You can get fit and lose weight with little or no money at all -- it just takes an investment of time.
  • Marine Corps poolee Zaid Alithawi conducts pull ups
    Build, Find, or Buying a Pullup Bar Options
    Stew Smith
    Here is an emailed question about not having the facilities to do pullups. Just use some good old fashioned ingenuity or buy an...
  • TRX Suspension Training
    TRX and Some Favorite Core Training Exercises
    Stew Smith
    Some of the favorite exercises used by Stew Smith's Military Preparation Group – Heroes of Tomorrow are the following upper bod...
  • Avoid the Gym by Using Calisthenics
    Avoid the Gym by Using Calisthenics|
    Calisthenics, or bodyweight exercises, originated thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and have been a major component of f...
  • Trx Move 1 Spiderman Push Up Image 000
    TRX Move #1 - Spiderman Push Up|
    Hand plank position with knees on deck, right foot in foot cradles. Left leg extend, toes on deck.