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  • Mixed Martial Arts vs. Street Fighting

    U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Giang Nguyen

    Televised bouts of "no holds barred" fighting such as Ulitimate Fighting Championships or Pride matches have done wonders for raising the awareness of self defense beyond the traditional karate class down at the corner strip center. This "new" way of fighting was termed "mixed martial arts" because when it came to REALLY winning a fight, contestants found that they needed a combination of skills from wrestling, boxing, and any of a bazillion ... more

  • Should You Intervene in a Fight?

    Officer Isaac Rosario deploys OC spray to break up a fight between two combatants during fight dispersion training at MCAS Yuma. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Bill Waterstreet)

    Several years ago I was staying at a hotel in a small New Mexican town I used to live in.This area is heavily populated with brutal gang members who traffic heroin from Mexico out into the rest of the United States. I'd dealt with the gangs in the past as a security consultant and bodyguard and knew what they were capable of. Around 1am, I was suddenly awakened from a sound sleep by a piercing scream in the hallway followed by a man's voice ye... more

  • Distraction as a Self Defense Tool

    U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Sean Kinney blocks a bayonet trainer and chokes his opponent, Cpl. Steven Stone. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by 1st Lt. Gerard R. Farao)

    Ever been walking near some kids playing and hear "Look out!"...only to look up and see a baseball coming at your head like a little white freight train? It may have taken some other form...a football...golfball...whatever. But most everyone has experienced this and EVERYONE has had the same reaction. Your eyes automatically close shut - your head turns quickly away - and your hands thrust up to protect your noggin. This is an instinctual su... more

  • Can You Block A Punch?

    A Marine blocks a punch during a martial arts training session. (Marine Corps photo by Cpl Mike Escobar)

    My first martial arts instructor, Master Ron LeBlanc, had a unique style of teaching how to block a punch...he'd stand you up against a wall and punch you! No padding...nothing but air between his knuckles and your face. If you blocked it, great. If not, you got punched (with reserved power of course). But we're not talking about just one single punch. He would throw punch after punch from all angles and wherever he saw an openin... more

  • Halloween Edged Weapon Training?

    fake bloody machete

    I just took my 6 year old son Tristan to the Halloween store this week to put the finishing touches on his trick-or-treat costume. After picking up a black body suit and 2 plastic Ninja swords to unleash an unsuspecting fury on any foolish householder not willing to fork over the loot (that's my boy!), I noticed something... ...Halloween stores are a "Close Combat Trainer's" PARADISE when it comes to training for edged weapon defense! Now I... more

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