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  • Military Fitness Article Archives
    Military Fitness Archive
    This is a one-stop article to better help people find information on specific fitness topics in the Military.com Fitness Center.
  • Treadmills That Train You for Military Fitness Tests
    Treadmills That Train You for Military Fitness Tests
    Many runners refer to treadmills as 'dreadmills', but there is a known fact about this type of cardio equipment that no one can...
  • Stew Smiths Fitness Training Pipeline
    Stew Smith's Fitness Training Pipeline
    In the military, training pipelines refer to a student's training cycle as they attend school after school to become certified ...
  • Training for Ruck Marches
    Training for Ruck Marches
    Also known as "forced marches" or "humps", these events are basically walking at a fast pace over rough terrain with a backpack...
  • Triathlon Training
    Triathlon Training
    Several times a month, I receive emails from people interested in competing in Triathlon events that consist of swimming, bikin...