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  • Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)

    US Army Rangers

    The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is the largest of the service components that make up U.S. Special Operations Command and provides about 70 percent of the special operations personnel in Central Command's theatre. On any given day, dozens of USASOC elements are deployed around the world. Made up of 26,000 personnel, USASOC combines a vast range of warfighting skills, from raiding and airfield seizures, to human-terrain mapping and cu... more

  • Army Special Operations Aviation Command (ARSOAC)

    MH-47 Chinook

    Over the past decade, U.S. Army Special Operations Command aviation experts have recognized a need to separate the combat role of Army Special Operations Aviation from resourcing responsibilities. The Army and Special Operations Command have thus received approval to create a one-star Army Special Operations Forces aviation force structure, Army Special Operations Aviation Command (Provisional), or ARSOAC. ARSOAC will be a subordinate command ... more

  • Former Commander of Army Special Operations Moves to CIA

    CIA seal 600x400

    A former commander of Army Special Operations and the officer who led the first Green Berets on the ground in Afghanistan has joined the CIA. Lt. Gen. John F. Mulholland Jr. is the new associate director for military affairs at the nation's top intelligence agency, the CIA announced in a statement from Director John Brennan. Mulholland, 59, was previously deputy commander of U.S. Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida,... more

  • Profile: Special Operations Training Battalion

    Spec. Pilego endures water survival training.

    Mission SOATB conducts basic Army Special Operations Aviation individual training and provides education in order to produce crew members and support personnel with basic and advanced qualifications for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne).  Soldiers and instructors from the Special Operations Aviation Training Battalion welcome conventional unit to the Allison Aquatics Training Facility (AATF) at Fort Campbell, Ky., to ... more

  • 4th Military Information Support Operations Group

    4th Information Support Group

    The 4th Military Information Support Group (MISG) remains the active Army's only military information support operations unit. The ranks of the 4th MISG include regional experts and linguists who understand political, cultural, ethnic and religious subtleties. With functional experts in all aspects of tactical communications, the 4th MISOG offers joint force commanders unmatched abilities to influence target audiences as well as support to U.... more

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