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  • AF Sets Weight Restrictions for F-35 Pilots

    The Air Force recently made a decision to restrict pilots weighing less than 136 pounds from flying the F-35A Lightning II due to safety concerns about the ejection seat in a portion of the flight envelope. In a recent test, analysis identified an unacceptable risk of neck injury during parachute deployment/opening for lighter-weight pilots at l... more

  • AF Fitness Test Exemption for New Moms

    The six-month deferment for female Airmen to accomplish their fitness assessments following childbirth will be increased to 12 months to align with recent changes to the deployment deferments. The one-year deferment applies to female Airmen who gave birth on or after the effective date of March 6, 2015. As dwell times for deployment, permanent change of station and TDY increase, so too will the exemption from the current fitness assessment for... more

  • Airmen Don't Need Referrals for Physical Therapy

    All Air Force military treatment facilities (MTF) have been directed to establish direct access physical therapy clinics for active-duty members. The policy shift will now allow an active-duty member with an acute musculoskeletal injury to make an appointment directly with a physical therapist. Each MTF will implement these changes over the next few months. Active-duty members should contact their local MTF for more information. For more Air ... more

  • Wingman Toolkit

    The Wingman Toolkit, an outreach and communication tool designed to ensure Airmen have quick and easy access to the latest Comprehensive Airman Fitness programs and resources, now has a mobile app available to download. The app provides resources to improve mental, physical, social and spiritual fitness, all at the touch of a finger. The Wingman Toolkit can be downloaded for Android and from the iTunes website. Visit the Wingman Toolkit websit... more

  • The Harder Line in Training

    The Harder Line in Training - Air Force Basic Training

    Army, Navy, and Marine Corps recruits used to call the Air Force the "chair force." That's because airmen did just six-and-a-half weeks of basic training, compared to eight in the Navy, nine in the Army, and 13 in the Marine Corps. That's changing, though. Starting this year, Air Force basic training jumps to eight-and-a-half weeks, the longest it has been since Eisenhower was President. For some time, USAF has been preparing to begin toughe... more

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