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  • Rescue Swimmer Fitness Standards
    Rescue Swimmer Fitness Standards|
    According to the Rescue Swimmer course syllabus, rescue swimmers must have flexibility, strength, endurance, and be able to fun...
  • Special Missions and Law Enforcement PFT
    Special Missions and Law Enforcement PFT|
    Coast Guard men and women who serve on Law Enforcement, Port Security or Maritime Safety and Security Teams, must comply with s...
  • U S Coast Guard Deployable Specialized Forces
    Coast Guard Specialized Forces Overview|
    These six units, under a single command, create an organized quick reaction force that can be deployed to handle natural disast...
  • The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness
    The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch|
    So what if you don't want to blow stuff up or burn stuff down. Every man - and maybe a few women after the 1997 action movie "G...
  • Passing Military Swimming Tests
    Passing Military Swimming Tests|
    One of the toughest swims I receive emails for on a weekly basis is the underwater swim -- especially from Navy SEAL and Air Fo...
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