2012 Fitness Guide

2012 Military Fitness Guide

When youíve lost the motivation to stay in shape, Military.comís fitness guide can help you get back on track. Find tips on the best gear and learn about workouts that suit your needs.

Fit Fitness in with Fido!Fit Fitness in with Fido!: Dog obesity is a problem just like it is for humans, so you can work out on both fronts with these fun ideas and enjoy quality time with your best friend.

Ready For a Winter Workout?Attack Your Two-Mile: Running is a great sport. Far too many people sell themselves short when it comes to running. I donít have enough talent. Who is telling you that?

The 5 Best Beginner Bodybuilding TipsThe 5 Best Beginner Bodybuilding Tips: Follow these 5 powerful beginner bodybuilding tips and you can enter the upper ranks of gym rats at your local iron jungle in no time...

The Best Equipment is YouThe Best Equipment is You: Everyone is prone to procrastination from time to time. And let's face it, when our schedules become busy, working out is often the first sacrifice we make to maintain our sanity.

How to Make Treadmill Workouts InterestingHow to Make Treadmill Workouts Interesting: If you're looking for a way to challenge your abs more than crunches and planks on the floor, the key is instability!

Bodybuilding Supplements That WorkBodybuilding Supplements That Work: Often within a distance from your house, a school playground will have bars to hang and do pullups from — maybe even a track.

4 Tips for an Intense Home Workout4 Tips for an Intense Home Workout: "Form" is stressed so much in traditional martial arts training that a single move is practiced 1,000 times in order to perfect it.

The Military Spouse Weight Loss PlanThe Military Spouse Weight Loss Plan: Have you tried everything short of sacrificing live chickens to get your biceps to grow? Give this two-step "Bicep-Shocker" a try in your next arm workout.

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Stew Smith

Stew Smith CSCS is a former Navy SEAL Fitness author specializing in military and law enforcement fitness books, ebooks, DVDs, and programming. Check out the new Military Fitness Center for the latest in fitness video, articles, ebooks and products to assist you with getting physically ready for military life.