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Military Trivia Facts

Although some military experts have an incredibly in-depth knowledge of the military, no one person can know everything there is to know. I have searched books and the Internet and have come up with 15 military facts I bet you didn’t know. These facts make great dinner conversation and could help you win on any one of our trivia games. 1. 30 of the 43 Presidents served in the Army, 24 during time of war, two earned the rank of 5-star General ... more

Guide to the Military Phonetic Alphabet

Military phonetic alphabet lead.

If you've ever talked on a call with bad reception or with someone in a loud place, you know how difficult it can be to communicate using regular English. Many words sound similar and can be easily misunderstood, and the same is true for a few letters if you attempt to spell something out. Clear, expedient communication is vital to any military operation, and the everyday method of conveying ideas isn't always suitable. Without a solid un... more

10 Tips To Ensure a Successful Military Career

tank cloaking 380x253

Once you are in, you need to make the most of it. The following ten tips can help you get the most from your military career. 1. Pay attention Remember, you are fresh out of basic, which means you have absolutely no clue what you are doing. When your first line supervisor tells you to do something that flies in the face of what you learned in basic, nod your head in a sagely manner and do what they tell you. What you learned in basic is all ... more

Tips For Successful Career In the Guard and Reserve

Reserve Guard Transition

Making Guard and Reserve Service Work for You Army National Guard   Whether your goal is to establish a civilian career, pay for college or prepare for a secure retirement, YOU CAN make it happen in the Army National Guard. Visit today to learn more. Air Force Reserve    GAIN new skills in the Air Force Reserve. To learn more, go here.   Air National Guard   Protect America's skies and defend our freedom. Ai... more

Air Force Rifle Qualification Course

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In order to graduate from Air Force basic training, you must complete (and qualify on) the Air Force rifle (M-16) qualification course. Technical Stuff: The Air Force used to also require qualification on the M-9 pistol during basic training, but this requirement was recently eliminated. During the actual firing, you'll fire a total of 80 rounds at a man-sized target (upper body only) at ranges from 75 meters to 300 meters (1 meter = 1.09... more

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The Recruit


One of the most important choices you will make when joining the military is what job you want to do. With hundreds of jobs to choose from, it can be very tough to narrow it down to just one. This section will give you some insight into many of the different jobs each service has to offer.

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