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The Importance of Drill

Marine Corps drill instructor

Drill is marching, plain and simple. In ancient times, the most powerful, efficient, and developed empires developed ways of moving troops from one place to another without them getting mixed up with other troops. So they marched together from one place to another, also known as drill. The theory was, without drill, masses of soldiers would end up getting lost on the way to battle and have to fight with just any ol' unit they could find,i... more

Luke EOD Airman Changed for Good by Life Experiences

Airman Tech. Sgt. Gerig

LUKE AIR FORCE BASE, Ariz. -- The challenges in life are often what make us who we are, alter our path in life and change our future. For Tech Sgt. David Gerig, 56th Civil Engineer Squadron Explosive Ordnance Disposal team chief, his experiences led him to helping the poor and comforting the dying. Gerig's family came from Johannesburg, in the province of Gauteng, South Africa. He was born in the U.S. with the majority of his family still liv... more

Military Phonetic Alphabet

Military alphabet

If you've ever talked on a call with bad reception or with someone in a loud place, you know how difficult it can be to communicate using regular English. Many words sound similar and can be easily misunderstood, and the same is true for a few letters if you attempt to spell something out. Clear, expedient communication is vital to any military operation, and the everyday method of conveying ideas isn't always suitable. Without a solid un... more

Basic Training Punishments

basic training 600x400

You probably won't be court-martialed in basic training. It's also unlikely that you'll be punished under the provisions of Article 15 while in basic training(unless you commit a serious crime, such as stealing). Because you're still learning in basic training, you're given a break. In most cases, documentation of any punishment is destroyed when you graduate, and nobody will even know it happened, unless you elect to tell them. Yelling ... more

Enlisted Coast Guard Rates

Unlike the other U.S. military services, which organize servicemembers according to ranks, the Coast Guard, like the Navy, organizes its force according to rates and grades. Like the other branches the Coast Guard uses E-1 to E-9 pay grade structures. The rate and grade of an enlisted Coast Guardsman can be identified by rating badge (found on the left sleeve of the Coast Guard dress uniforms). The rating badge is a combination of an eagle, ra... more

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One of the most important choices you will make when joining the military is what job you want to do. With hundreds of jobs to choose from, it can be very tough to narrow it down to just one. This section will give you some insight into many of the different jobs each service has to offer.

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