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How To Become An Army Officer

West Point induction

You can earn a commission in the U.S. Army through one of four programs: the U.S. Military Academy, the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps, the Officer Candidate School or direct appointment. All require applicants to be high school graduates, pass a medical and physical exam, and be at least 17 years old. U.S. Military Academy The U.S. Military Academy, located at West Point, N.Y., offers bachelor of science degrees in engineering and l... more

Joining the Navy Reserve

sailors formation

The Navy Reserve is a force of highly trained men and women available to meet the expanded needs of the regular Navy. Reservists serve as officers or enlisted personnel, depending on their qualifications and interests. For more on general Reserve benefits and pay, the Benefits section. Navy Reserve Guidelines If you are interested in joining the Navy Reserve, you must be between the ages of 21 and 39 without prior serv... more

Joining the Marine Corps Reserve

Marine Corps Reserves

The Reserve of the United States Marine Corps consist of highly trained individuals that can be mobilized for active duty in time of war, national emergency or contingency operations.Over the past eight decades, Reserve Marines have regularly operated alongside the active component in the two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Shield/Storm and Enduring Freedom. What does it take to be a U.S. Marine? If you are interested in enlisting in... more

The History and Roles of the National Guard

National Guard

The Army National Guard is an elite group of warriors who dedicate a portion of their time to serving their nation. Each state has its own Guard, as required by the Constitution; in fact, it is the only branch of the military whose existence is actually required by the Constitution.  The Army National Guard began on December 13, 1636, when the Massachusetts Bay Colony organized three militia regiments to defend against the growing threat of t... more

Coast Guard Weight Requirements At a Glance

Coast Guard Basic PFT

Below are the Coast Guard's height and weight allowances for recruits to enlist. MEN: Maximum Height & Weight Chart: NOTES 1. Measure height without shoes*. 2. Measure height to the nearest 1/2" and interpolate to find weight standards. 3. If weight measurement is done in the following uniforms: a. T-shirt and gym shorts - subtract 1 lb. b. T-shirt and long undress trousers - subtract 2 lbs. c. T-shirt and sweatpants - subtract 2 l... more

Get the

The Recruit


One of the most important choices you will make when joining the military is what job you want to do. With hundreds of jobs to choose from, it can be very tough to narrow it down to just one. This section will give you some insight into many of the different jobs each service has to offer.

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