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A different kind of action, but exciting nonetheless.

A different kind of action, but exciting nonetheless.

In the military, you contributed to a disciplined, motivated and successful team. You'll be right at home with AT&T. We continuously recognize the contributions of our armed forces. In every area of AT&T, you'll find retired military and active reservists who made the transition to civilian life.

Working at AT&T

Working at AT&T

How far you go with AT&T depends only on how far your talent and dedication will take you. With opportunities in several different areas, there's something for everyone. Joining the military is an amazing experience. Now do something just as impressive with your career.

Veteran Testimonial

Chris LaBanca

Technical Director -Service Assurance

"After leaving active duty Air Force and starting my career with AT&T in 1999, the desire to earn my commission and continue to serve my country part-time never left me.

AT&T continues to support my military service by providing me the time off required to meet military obligations. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work for such a great company while also serving my country."


AT&T will continually recognize and support our country's service members and their families in peace, in crises and in war.

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