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December 06
1812: The majority of Napoleon Bonaparte's Grand Armee staggers into Vilna, Lithuania, ending the failed Russian campaign.

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Carl Carson
"We were told the Germans might use poison gas."
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Large Slow Target
The Americans were approached with the need for these shallow-draft tank carriers and by November 1941 by John Niedermair of the Bureau of Ships delivered drawings for what would latter become Landing Ship Tanks; or for those 125 men who sailed them into danger, "Large Slow Target."

The Great Guns
Nearly every industrialized country at the beginning of the First World War had railroad guns, with some nations (the United States and Germany for example) depending on sailors to service these behemoths.

Piney Creek
In its two year history the fort saw one massacre, one courageous ride through the dead of winter, several dozen life and death encounters, scores of skirmishes, and the destruction of the fort by Lakotas...

Long Lance
It was all very simple; the Japanese held the Solomons and the Americans wanted them, starting with the Canal.

The Devil's Jaw
They were Clemson Class destroyers, "four stackers" built in a belated response to the threat posed to shipping by German U-boats.

Pappy Gunn's B-25s Part 2
The Japanese had lost Guadalcanal just six months before and now the contest centered on the fighting in the green hell of the New Guinea jungles.

Pappy Gunn's B-25s Part 1
There was a time when the Japanese controlled the whole world. Well, if not the entire world then just that little corner of the world that mattered to the Americans and Australians in 1943.

"To Suffer that Army to Be Cut to Pieces..."
"The nation was young and there was so very much to do. One of the most pressing issues was the role of the army."

General Grant - Part 2
"When Grant and his army faced Fort Donelson, it was a good five days after he optimistically predicted he would arrive, and he was facing a larger enemy force in a stronger position."

General Grant - Part 1
"What did emerge from Belmont is the image of the unflustered, calm and courageous general, seemingly oblivious to Minie balls buzzing all around him, directing his troops. Grant had found his purpose in life."

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