• 1950 T-141 tank produced by Cadillac for US Army during Korean War
    Oldsmobile produced over 8.46 million 3.5 bazooka rocket shells and 5,431 90mm guns.
  • 1952 GMC 6x6 Military Cargo Trucks
    Pontiac Motor Division built the M-39, M-39A1, and M-39A2 20mm aircraft gun from 1952-1959.
  • 1968 Hydra-Matic – Vietnam War Production
    General Motors Hydra-Matic Division built 469,217 M16A1 rifles for the Department of Defense from April 1968 and June 1971.

Eligibility update: GM has extended their military discount to include veterans who have transitioned out of the Military within the past year!

GM's Military History

GM is grateful for our nation's support through the years, and we're dedicated to designing, building and selling the world's best vehicles. General Motors is the largest commercial provider of military vehicles in history and we remain dedicated to supporting America's heroes. In addition to our signature national programs, we encourage our employees to support the military on a local basis and in ways meaningful to them. In many instances, our employees have a family member, relative, friend in the military.

We encourage you to learn more about GM's proud history and continued military support with the resources below.

Veteran Testimonial - Ryan Church

Ryan Church

I began my military career by enlisting in the Air Force, March of 2000 as a C-130 Jet Engine Mechanic, stationed at the 167th Airlift Wing in Martinsburg, WV. I concurrently attended West Virginia University, where I studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and conducted extensive research in advanced automotive technology for hybrid vehicles. During my collegiate years I was activated in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

My educational and military background gained the interest of General Motors for my employment in 2006 as a Design Release Engineer of Hybrid Power Electronics. My employment at General Motors has included work on various Hybrid Production Programs, which include Belt Alternator Starter (BAS), 2-MODE, E-Assist, and Volt. Recently General Motors has promoted me as an Assistant Program Engineering Manager for Crossover SUVs, based upon my engineering background and military leadership capability.

GM Military Support

GM is proud to support the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans, that helps wounded veterans of all services overcome their injuries through athletics.

Chevy, a proud sponsor of The Achilles Freedom TeamFaces of GM Supporting Our Military

Achilles Freedom Team

GM Achilles Freedom Team
Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans helps wounded veterans of all services overcome their injuries through athletics, including marathons. Program participants receive training as well as use of specialized adaptive devices, such as hand-crank wheelchairs. While the goal is to enter and complete a marathon, the program stresses "achievable accomplishment." This allows the soldiers to experience success and build confidence. Learn More Here

Cell Phones for Soldiers

GM Cell Phones for Soldiers
Since its inception in 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has worked to keep military families connected by providing FREE communication tools to those serving overseas in the United States military. Learn More Here