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June 30, 2005: The Changing Face of Terrorism

May 16, 2005: What Does Not Kill Me

About NCO Journal

The NCO Journal is a professional publication for Noncommissioned Officers of the U.S. Army. It is the Army?s second largest magazine publication and is distributed around the globe and read by more than 400,000 Soldiers and servicemembers.

The NCO Journal came about as a result of goals and objectives established by the 1989 NCO Professional Leader Task Force. The task force identified a need to create a forum for NCO leader issues developed by NCOs for NCOs and therefore called for an instrument to "further develop the professional growth of NCOs now and in the future." The instrument approved to accomplish this task was a magazine devoted to the profession of the NCO. By the Spring of 1991, the NCO Journal was ready for action and has kept to its mission of providing an open forum for the exchange of ideas and information, to support training, education and development of the NCO Corps and to foster a closer bond among its members.

Individual subscriptions to the NCO Journal are available through the Government Printing Office. To order online, visit the GPO Bookstore and type in "NCO Journal" at the search field. After the search completes, click on the shopping cart next to the title and follow the instructions provided.

The GPO also accepts orders by calling toll-free at 1-866-512-1800.

Any unit with a publications account can update their 12 series to request the NCO Journal using the same procedure they use to request all other publications. They can update their 12 series at the http://www.usapa.army.mil Web site. The IDN for the NCO Journal is 050041.

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