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Take it Home Today With AAFES
Air Force Print News | November 02, 2006
DALLAS - The Army and Air Force Exchange Service is expanding its "Take it Home Today!" initiative, whic allows servicemembers immediately to enjoy furniture, major appliances, carpeting, mattresses and box springs, and select electronics.

The new plan, which was tested at select AAFES exchanges in the United States and overseas last year, includes benefits such as instant credit upon approval, no up-front fees or down payment, a low interest rate and low monthly payments.

"Our tests made it clear that shoppers were excited about the opportunity to make a furniture, appliance or other large purchase and take the product home that very same day," said Colleen Youngblood, an AAFES exchange credit program business analyst. "With low interest rates and instant approval, military shoppers can now enjoy their purchase sooner."

The program is targeted to meet the needs of today's highly mobile military community and new servicemembers, said Col. Ann Borgmann, AAFES Pacific Region commander.

"Take it Home Today!" is now available at all AAFES facilities that stock qualifying merchandise. Authorized exchange customers can contact their local exchange's store or general manager for additional details. Contact information is available at www.aafes.com under the BX/PX Store Locator link.
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