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  • Military Education Benefits User's Guide

    One Hundred Dollar Bill

    Did you know that you may be eligible for more than one educational benefit at a time? In fact, you can save time and money by learning how, where, and when to use them. Military Tuition Assistance Tuition assistance program guidelines, application procedures and policies for determining eligibility vary between services. Select one of the following links to get detailed information: Army Tuition Assistance Navy Tuition Assistanc... more

  • Army Tuition Assistance

    Soldier uses a computer in college.

    Army TA Update (8/2014): Changes are taking place for those who receive tuition assistance from the Army.  According to ALARACT 317/13 -- FY14 Tuition Assistance Policy, as of Jan. 1, 2015 Soldiers eligible for TA must have successfully completed one year of service following graduation from Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Beginning in FY15, all Soldiers must have ten years of service to receive graduate level TA if any portion of their un... more

  • What is "Know Before You Owe"?

    Student Loans

    The President's recent Executive Order to protect student veterans from predatory colleges and universities includes a requirement for schools to require  "Know Before You Owe" documentation, even if the student veteran does not apply for federal student aid. So, what is "Know Before You Owe"? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau started its “Know Before You Owe” initiative to make mortgage forms easy to understand and comparable. The nee... more

  • Education Expenses Tax Deduction FAQ

    tax forms 600x400

    If you, or a member of your family, attended college last year, you may be eligible to deduct up to $4,000 in education expenses. The following six education tax benefit FAQ's will help you quickly determine if you can take advantage of this tax break. What is the tax benefit of the tuition and fees deduction? Who can claim the deduction? What expenses qualify? How do GI Bill or military tuition assistance affect my educa... more

  • Marine Corps Partners with Columbia University

    Columbia University recently announced that eligible Marines planning to exit the U.S. Marine Corps will for the first time have formalized, national program to access a top-tier undergraduate education. Through the Leadership Scholar Program, a partnership developed by the U.S. Marine Corps and leading colleges and universities, qualified Marines are identified by their commanding officers and are then shepherded through the college admission... more

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